DIY Copper Mesh Garland For Your Christmas Tree

DIY Copper Mesh Garland For Your Christmas Tree

My agenda has dramatically changed this past month and I haven’t had quite the time needed for this little blog of mine… This doesn’t mean that there aren’t projects that I am currently working on, nor that I am out of ideas or have stopped trying new recipes! On the contrary, ideas for new projects are spinning in my head, and I hope to be able to be back to a normal schedule soon. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t let the holiday season go by without sharing with you the easiest decorative addition that I came up with for my Christmas tree(s).

I got the idea of this do-it-yourself Mesh Copper Garland as I was preparing half a dozen of my DIY Glamorous Copper-Scaled Glass Ornaments for my friend Alyssa who saw them on my Christmas tree last week and loved them. If you’ve been on this blog for a while, maybe you remember them. These easy Christmas copper-scaled glass ornaments have also been a huge Pinterest hit! They were nothing more than plain glass ornaments covered in a kitchen copper scrubbing pad, but absolutely stunning! Anyways, as I was unfolding the scrubbing pads to make the glass ornaments, I realized that these humble, pot cleaning aids, would also make a beautiful garland for my tree(s), too.  Don’t you think so?

I’ve never been a true fan of copper and the copper mania that started lately – was it 2-3 years ago? – didn’t really touch me. I don’t remember buying – or being tempted to buy- a single copper item for the home. But for Christmas, copper is an exceptionally elegant and warm material, I think.

The garland is not actually one whole garland but pieces, “strategically”positioned on the branches to look as if they wrap the tree, appearing on the front and disappearing between the back of the branches.

It’s just like if you were having a ribbon around your tree, but this is even better because these garland pieces are easier to position thanks to their small size. Also, they are made from a see-through material, they are fluffy and full and they add texture and dress up the Christmas tree in the most beautiful way.

To make them, you will only need to get a few copper scrubbing pads from your grocery store {note 1: use Scotch Brite} {note 2: I had a hard time finding them this year}, and a pair of old scissors {note 3: do not use new scissors or you will ruin them}. Also don’t forget eye protection and hand protection, these are a must. That’s it!


These scrubbing pads may look nice and round when you take them out of their package, but in fact they can turn into long tubes, when unrolled. To unroll them, find the one end that is tucked in,

and start unrolling.

Before going too far, you may find a string that holds the scrubbing pad together. Cut it and the rest of the scrubbing pad will easily unroll.

When completely unrolled, the scrubbing pad will look like a long tube.

With your hands, strongly twist the two ends of the “tube”,  one at a time,

and cut the excess part – make sure to protect your eyes from the flying bits of wire.

Open up the “tube” so that it becomes fluffy and full,

twist it slightly and simply position it on your Christmas tree, with the two ends tucked in between branches.

You can make the garland pieces as long or as short as you want, but the length of the scrubbing pad itself seems to work just fine. Note: Sometimes, you’ll need to make it a little shorter though, and cut where the string was originally placed because this spot may be a little damaged.

I used about 12 copper mesh garland pieces (i.e 12 scrubbing pads) on my tree and that’s about a good analogy for a 7-foot tall Christmas tree. Of course, you can make more, it literally takes a few seconds to have one ready!

Along with the copper- scaled glass ornaments and other gold and glass ornaments, this tree is stunning. But, do you guys think I’m overdoing it with these copper scrubbing pads on my Christmas tree(s)? Maybe I am, but honestly, the photos don’t do justice here… the tree is absolutely glamorous! Especially at night when it glows, twinkles and shines from the tree lights.

I will not say Merry Christmas just yet… I’ll try and come back with one more Christmas post!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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