Gorgeous DIY Upgrade For The IKEA Samla Storage Box

Gorgeous DIY Upgrade For The IKEA Samla Storage Box

Most of you will recognize the IKEA Samla box – the clear plastic container that comes in many sizes and is super inexpensive. I believe I bought a couple of them on my very first visit to IKEA in Germany fifteen years ago, and I got many more later to organize the kids’ toys, mostly the Lego bricks and the Playmobil figures and their accessories, which {back then} were multiplying by the zillion.

The kids have long outgrown their toys and over the years I’ve bought many more beautiful and convenient storage containers for the home, so these have been sitting empty for a while.  Their next task would be in the garage to store small tools, I thought; But I always like to give things a second chance 🙂

So, with one of these,

 Samla box with lid, IKEA – $1.99

and with one of these

Martha Stewart Polished Nickel Finial Cabinet Pull, The Home Depot – $4.48

I made this:

Amazing what a small touch of polished nickel can do, right?

I had four of them ready in no time, that’s how very, very easy it was to make them {you’ll find the instructions at the end of this post} but the difficult part was to decide where to use them –  they can go everywhere, literally!

I ended up using them in my closet because I needed to organize a few things that were thrown here and there, like these scarves

a few belts, swimwear and a couple of clutches.

These IKEA boxes stack nicely on top of each other, and although the addition of the pull is mostly decorative it is so strongly attached to the box that with one pull the whole stack of boxes can be easily taken out (or down).

Proper storage would not mean much without pretty storage containers, and these bins have it all! They may be practical on their own, but the polished nickel pull takes them to a whole other level. They can be of great use in every room, closet and cabinet of the house. They would also look stunning on most shelves in less formal spaces, where you need some organization but with a little glam.

I’ve been wandering around the house trying to see where else I could use them…

I don’t have a real butler’s pantry, but I have converted a closet off the living room into one and that’s where I keep most of my serving platters, formal dinnerware, tabletop accessories, etc. I’m considering buying more IKEA Samla boxes and upgrading them with these gorgeous pulls ~ this is efficient and beautiful storage, I think.  This is how I could organize silverware, napkin rings, napkins etc.

Plastic containers are perfect to store items that need to be kept clean for long, and I haven’t used any in a while because we have such beautiful woven baskets and canvas bins now. But it’s the addition of that cabinet pull that makes these plastic containers so gloriously gorgeous.

I initially bought one of these Martha Stewart Living finial pulls to replace the hardware in the kitchen, but unfortunately they did not fit, and they didn’t fit on any of the bathroom cabinets or other cabinets in the house either. I’m happy I found such a great use for them!

There are many more places where these storage boxes would work, like in the kitchen pantry for example. One box would be great for small packaged snacks, one could be exclusively for nuts, another for tea sachets and other herbs, and maybe one for straws/cupcake liners or small pastry tools. They would totally upgrade the pantry – and they would keep everything organized!

And in the bathroom, too, either inside a cabinet or on shelves. It would be nice to store bar soaps in one box, toothpaste/toothbrushes in another, hair rollers and pins, and maybe dedicate one for Band Aids and other first aid supplies?

Wherever office supplies are kept, these boxes would organize markers and coloring pens, small office supplies, craft supplies and greeting cards:

To make your own, you can use a plastic box that doesn’t already come with a handle along with any type of hardware you like. I used these specific items to make mine:

1. Position the pull on the box exactly where you want it (refer to the photos above to see where I placed mine), making sure that the screw spots are unobstructed. Use a marker to mark from inside of the box where the screws will go.

2. Drill where you have marked and, if needed, remove any excess plastic around the holes, carefully using a small sharp knife.

3. Discard the screws that came with the pull as they are too long for this project and, instead, use the ones I recommend, above. With a Philips screwdriver, screw them in place; at first it might seem as if the screws can’t get in but once they’re positioned straight, it will be easy to screw them in. They should attach firmly/tightly to the box.

I had little hope for my old IKEA boxes, but this little project transformed them! I’m in love with how beautiful they turned out!


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  1. That’s very cute and an upgrade for sure. My only problem with it is the space it will take up with the handles. I have a small house and space is at a premium so I always have to think about that.

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