A Simple Wreath Perfect From Early Spring To Late Summer – DIY

A Simple Wreath Perfect From Early Spring To Late Summer – DIY

A wreath as simple as this one does not need much of an introduction, but it will certainly make a statement on the front door!

To make it, I used floral wire to attach two branches of artificial flowers onto a 14″ macrame metal ring (gold). I added a satin ribbon bow in the lower center and a metallic gold chain to hang it from the door.

Metal chain is sold at the hardware store by the yard. There are many styles and sizes to chose from and I made sure to buy one that can be easily separated with pliers if I needed to shorten it more at home (some chains do not open and need to be cut to size with special tools).

To attach the finished wreath on the door, I added one small piece of ribbon on the upper part of the chain and secured it on the door’s top rail with a couple of thumbtacks, just like I do with any other wreath.

The gold metal ring can be found at the embroidery and knitting department of your sewing supplies store – it is used to make macramés which are very fashionable right now, but I thought it could make a very elegant wreath.

I purposely selected flowers in a rather neutral color and style ~ spring berry bush branches ~ which are appropriate for both spring and summer, but it is very easy to switch them with seasonal flowers, fruits or leaves and make a totally new wreath.

This elegant wreath was made in just a few minutes and cost around $7, but does it look like it?

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