Michelle Obama, Here Is What [I Think] You Should Get From Target For Your New Home!

Michelle Obama, Here Is What [I Think] You Should Get From Target For Your New Home!

Are the Obamas back from the Caribbean yet?  The only reason I’m asking is because I’m really curious to see what will go into the former First Lady’s shopping cart when she visits Target. Over the past few years, I’ve heard (and I’m sure you have, too) Michelle Obama stating that she could not wait to do the simplest things in life, like driving a car and going to Target. Well, the moment has come and Michelle Obama can now drive a car, roll down her window and go shopping at Target just like anybody else!

Yesterday, as I was happily strolling down the aisles of my local Target and adding mirrors, side tables and outdoor rugs onto my wish list, I related to Michelle Obama for a moment – because shopping at Target is really fun!

What the former First Lady will soon find out, however, is that Target has improved even more since she stepped into the White House. There is now an amazingly large range of home products that have a high end look but cost little. Shopping for smaller furniture, rugs, pillows and baskets can be overwhelming because everything looks amazing!

But set your mind at ease, Michelle, because I’ve got you covered! I made a list of the best items I’ve seen in-store and online. Just for you. And for the readers of my blog, of course!

1. This gold square accent table will remain a classic, no matter how many years go by. Just like any other small furniture, it is a versatile piece that can go in any room of the house … from the living room, to the study, and even in a bathroom should you need to add a more sophisticated style.  

Square Gold Accent Table – $79.99

2. One of these bookshelves would look amazing in a bathroom, styled with folded towels and well arranged toiletries and baskets * Two of them can add symmetry and balance when placed on either side of a focal point (i.e. a fireplace).  *A row of three or more would fill a wall in a study or a playroom. But check out the price, they’re a steal!

Bleeker Bookcase -regular $229.99, on sale now for $183.99! 

3.  Here is a mirror that is not only modern, but also large and at a surprisingly friendly price! It’s a good idea for the bath you may be remodeling, an entryway or above a chest of drawers in a bedroom.

Large Round Brass Mirror – $49.99

4. Tell me that you love this lamp base just as much as I do! And the price is perfect, too! A set of two would be the perfect bedside table lamps.

Washed Wood Lamp Base – $37.99

5. This LED brass desk lamp is ideal for someone who needs to do lots of writing (like writing his/her memoirs, for example!).

Brass Desk Lamp – $49.99

6. In general, I’m not a fan of placing a rug in a backyard, but Target just introduced outdoors rugs that are so beautiful that they can be also placed inside the house.  This one for example would be nice in a hallway, in a mudroom, or a laundry room.

Outdoor Rug – 5′ x 7′ – $59.99

7. You can never have enough baskets in a house, so this set of two will find its place in your home, no matter what!  

Set Of Two Bamboo Woven Baskets – $65.99

8.  This trio of wood planters is perfect for someone who used to cut fresh vegetables from the White House garden, but also for those who need to have fresh herbs at hand when fixing dinner every night!

Set Of Three Wood Planter Baskets – $54.99

9. The warm summer nights are coming soon and a few of these outdoors lanterns will create the most beautiful atmosphere in your backyard.

Outdoor Lantern – $39.00

10. For a semi-formal dinner setting, these drinking glasses are nothing like you’ve seen before. They are so fragile, so light, that you would think they cost a fortune, but they’re only a couple of dollars each.

Krosno High Ball Drinking Glass – $2.00

11. There are multiple ways to use a marble tray like this one! *as a cheese platter * in the bathroom to hold a few toiletries * in the living room holding smaller decorative objects for an organized look * as a base for small plants * or just on its own!

Brass/Marble Serving Tray – $19.99

12. Apart from the new items, there are a few classics that are always on the shelves. This porcelain white serving bowl, for example, comes in a couple of different sizes but the large one is ideal for a big salad. It can also be used on the kitchen’s countertop to hold seasonal fruit.

Large Round Serving Bowl – $24.99

Anyone who shops at Target knows I saved the best for last: the Dollar Spot! Located at the front of the store ~you can never miss it!~ make sure to stop by there first (and once again on your way out!). That’s where Target’s most precious little treasures are found!

So, Michelle, what do you think? Are these going to go into your shopping cart? Either way, I hope you have a fabulous time at Target but most importantly, I wish the best to you and your family, health and happiness for the years to come and never forget to….


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