Candlelit Christmas Wreath

Candlelit Christmas Wreath

The house is decorated, the presents are wrapped, the cookies are baked and the Christmas table is set. But if you think that it sounds as if everything is under control, well, it’s not! I have some more shopping to do, a little bit of cleaning and lots of cooking. However this morning, I put everything aside and gave myself an hour to do what I like most: a little craft project.

Christmas wreaths are my favorite and I wanted to make a few to decorate the windows in the kitchen eating area. I wanted my wreaths to be bright and happy, simple and modern. I also wanted them to have a candle so that I could light them up, but they had to be safe! And I needed them ready in less than an hour. Well, mission accomplished!


I made two for each window, and hung them at different heights:


I was waiting till it got dark to light them up and show you how amazing they are!


And they’re absolutely safe because I used LED votives that can be easily switched on and off!


Here is what you’ll need to make two wreaths:


Step 1:  Separate the embroidery hoop {you will use both parts of the hoop, so you can make two wreaths}. Glue the LED votive candle onto one hoop, ensuring that the on/off switch is left exposed, do not use a flammable candle for this project!


Step 2: Using the glue gun, attach a ribbon around the LED votive candle.


Step 3: Detach a few green tips from the garland and glue them directly onto the hoop using the glue gun, starting from the middle of the hoop and working towards the sides.


Step 4: Continue by gluing more greenery onto the hoop. Symmetry is key, here, so try to mirror what you do on the right side of the wreath onto the left side. Add green tips also on the back of the hoop and fill most bare spots in between.  Stop when you have covered about 3/4 of the hoop.


Step 5: Using the glue gun, attach a little bow on the LED votive candle.


Step 6: Finish with a large ribbon on the top of your wreath.


You will be able to use these wreaths for years to come. I don’t think it will be possible to change the batteries since most of the bottom part of the LED votive candle has been covered with glue (plus these batteries are quite expensive), but you can easily replace the LED votive with a new one. It is easy to detach it from the wreath and glue a new one back on.




Merry Christmas!



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  1. Hi Angelica,

    What size embroidery hoop did you use? I’m very excited to do this in preparation for decorating next year.. Happy New Year – thank you for all of your ingenious posts! 🙂

    • Dan, thank you! I used 9-inch diameter hoops, but I’m sure the wreaths can look just as good with smaller or bigger hoops ~ Wishing you a very Happy New Year, A.

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