Easy DIY Holiday Gift for Any Hostess

Easy DIY Holiday Gift for Any Hostess

Next time you accept a holiday party invitation and need a gift for the hostess, forget about the most common ones such as a bottle of wine, flowers or a dessert. Instead, consider offering something very unique that you’ve made yourself: a hand-soap dispenser for their powder room, personalized with the family name and a sweet quote of your choice ~let your host/hostess know that it can be put to use right away! It’s an easy, quick, inexpensive and one of a kind project that your host/hostess will love!



You’ll only need a glass soap pump – a basic one with no embellishments -, a set of alphabet letter stickers and some liquid soap that you can buy in bulk.


You may also need a piece of masking tape that will help you stick the letters straight. Carefully place the alphabet letters directly onto the soap dispenser while ensuring the text is centered.


If you’ve already been to your host’s home and know what their powder room looks like, you can make something along their style, using alphabet sticker letters in a color that fits the space. Or just make something festive like the one I made today, with glittery red letters.

If your host/hostess is one person – and not a family – you can substitute the quote with his/her first name {for example: Christmas at Emily’s}, or form whatever fun quote you like.

Oh! And don’t forget to fill the dispenser with liquid hand soap before wrapping your present!


Advise your hostess to open the present as you get there, so it can be put to use immediately!


Of course, the letter stickers are temporary as they’re made of paper, but they will make it through the holidays, for sure. After that, once Christmas is over, it’s super easy to completely remove all the stickers and the soap dispenser will always remain a useful present.



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