My Seasonal Inspiration: Tabletop Christmas Trees

My Seasonal Inspiration: Tabletop Christmas Trees

This year, I can’t get enough inspiration from these small Christmas trees sitting up high on tables, consoles, dressers and nightstands! Either they’re artificial or real, planted in a pot or placed in a container, small or tiny, I spot them everywhere and I could have them in every room of the house!

The kids’ desks were about the only available flat surfaces where I could accommodate one, so I bought one little tree for each room. I decided to go with artificial ones – a better choice for a bedroom. I found inexpensive ones here for $5.99 each  ~ they’re two feet tall and pretty good quality for their size and price. For a base, I used a wooden crate from the craft store. I wrapped a small, $3 string of lights around the branches[100 lights] [I think that grocery stores have the cheapest Christmas lights!]

In the girl’s room I used classic silver and gold mini ball ornaments that I already had and some larger pale pink ones.


With a tree that small, you don’t have lots of space to hang ornaments, so instead of hanging the mini balls, I took their hooks off and inserted them at the end of the branches, just as if they were an extension of the branch ~ they add brightness and they leave space to hang the larger ornaments.




I decorated the tree in the boy’s room with a set of vintage wood ornaments that I bought some years ago at a Connecticut yard sale ~ I think I had paid a dollar for them all!


I elevated the tree on the desk organizer so that it could stand out from the many items that were already placed on the desk.



I also added a small tree in the kitchen. I’m not a fan of artificial plants but I bought this Pottery Barn artificial 22-inch potted tree years ago for its good quality and its amazing clearance price. It’s a cypress tree so I could have it up all year long, but I had never used it before.


Just the other day, I put it up and tied short bright red ribbons on the branches ~ it was instant Christmas!


It’s now super cute, standing on the shelf that surrounds the kitchen sink.




Here are some of the best tabletop Christmas trees that have been inspiring me this holiday season ~ for each one, I picked a detail that makes it very special. I hope that you find some ideas that will fit your space, style and budget! Maybe after this post, you will put up a little Christmas tree, too!


Pure simplicity {via}


 One tree placed on every step of the staircase  – no ornaments are needed for this set-up {via}


 This one-of-a-kind sac that covers the base! {via}


These ornaments are nothing more than simple paper gift tags {via}


Neutral everywhere {found on Pinterest}


Non traditional Christmas colors make this tree unique {via}

tabletop-christmas-tree The silver ornaments [cups and urns and teapots, if I can see clearly] are so cute ~ this one is actually not a tree but branches that are shaped into a tree and placed inside a silver urn  {via}


Glamorous gold {via}


Three small trees make up for a larger one, especially when they are nicely arranged inside a crate {via}


Use a white garland on a white tree for a luminous result {via}


Simple yet festive centerpiece {via}


 A Christmas tree in the bathroom adds so much joy! {via}


Classic and simple ornaments make this tree très chic  {via}


This tree is made from free clippings {find the instructions at}


It’s not easy to decorate a Christmas tree with a beach theme and keep it elegant – this one is gorgeous! The shiny mini blue ornaments tie everything together and remind us that it’s Christmas! {}


Ornaments and pots take their colors from the room’s furniture and textiles {via}


Vintage containers such as an aluminum measuring cup and a jam jar make great planting pots for smaller trees {found on Pinterest}


This is actually a rosemary plant but it feels right for this season with minimal decoration and a bow {found on Pinterest}


A gorgeous brass pot used as a tree base {via}


Decorated with mini galvanized buckets, this tabletop tree is an advent calendar {via}


Red will always be a perfect color choice for Christmas / good idea for a tree topper  / a farmer’s basket under the table holds the presents {via}

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