6 Items That Are Always On My IKEA Shopping List

6 Items That Are Always On My IKEA Shopping List

Hello friends! How often do you get to spend a few hours at an IKEA store? I usually take a trip every few months, and whether it’s just for browsing through their new merchandise or because I need something in particular, there are a few items that are always on my shopping list. Here they are:

1. TEALIGHTSglimma-unscented-tealights__29992_pe117779_s4

GLIMMA unscented tealights  – image source IKEA

Why I like them:  They’re totally inexpensive and they come in a package of 100, so they last forever! At 35 cents each, I can light up as many as I want without worrying about the cost. I use them all year round to create an instant relaxing atmosphere either when we have people over or just for the fun of it! They’re great in tealight holders, small jars, wine glasses, in every room of the house, or on a tablescape or outdoors. Apart from their low cost, the fact that they’re not infused with fragrance oils is my second favorite feature as I really don’t like adding a rose, a gardenia or a patchouli scent to the house.



fantastisk-paper-napkin-orange__0270475_pe420011_s4FANTASTIK paper napkins  – image source IKEA

Why I like them: Although these are paper napkins, they are a little bit more luxurious than regular ones because they are 3-ply, and also because they are generous in size (15¾ x 15¾ inches), bigger than what you would find in most stores. We don’t use them on a daily basis but I always keep a few packs for when we have informal gatherings or for larger parties. They come in a variety of colors and I usually pick one seasonal color and a few more packs of white ones as white is color perfect for all seasons and occasions! They also come at an an amazing price: $2.49 for a 100 pack.



soda-drinking-straw-assorted-colors__0417184_pe582520_s4SODA drinking straws – image source IKEA

Why I like them: They’re inexpensive – only $ 1.49 for a package of 200 straws ~ if you have kids at home, you will certainly appreciate their price, too! IKEA often surprises me with new colors which are always bright and fun!



VIKTIGT handwoven basket – image source IKEA

Why I like them:  IKEA has such a big variety of containers, boxes, storage bins, baskets in so many different sizes and materials that I find it hard to leave the store without at least one piece. Most of them are very affordable and suitable for all rooms of the house, and I can always think of a spot that is in need of a little organization! The last one I bought is a handwoven VIKTIGT (shown above),  and I love it! I will buy a couple more of the same on my next visit to IKEA.


5. TOILET BRUSH & HOLDERbolmen-toilet-brush-holder-black__0099006_pe240451_s4

BOLMEN toilet brush/holder – image source IKEA

Why I like them: The brush and holder is only $0.99! I buy them by the dozen (literally) as I toss one away more often than I would with any other brush. Their shape is slim and I can hide them behind the toilet, so they’re always out of sight. I guess they’re pretty good quality, too, as I have never seen a whisker fall apart. They also come in white but I prefer black.



nittio-led-bulb-e-yellow__0417790_pe575641_s4image source IKEA

Why I like them:  I have simply found that they are better priced than any other bulb.

So, what is on your IKEA shopping list?

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