How To Store Your Water Bottles

How To Store Your Water Bottles

How do you store your water bottles and your coffee-mugs-to-go?  Lately, these have been adding up in our home as each family member needs to have more than one. I’ve been having trouble storing them in the kitchen cabinets and on the pantry shelves, as they easily fall over when they’re empty. In addition to their light weight, they all have different shapes and their handles get in the way – not very practical for storage! So I found a good place to store them in a deep, under the counter drawer.  I organized them nicely on one side of the drawer.

Drawer Before -

The only problem was that every time I opened the drawer,  half of them would fall over (again):

Drawer Before 2 -

So to keep them in place, I just added a tension rod.  The tension rod works as a barrier and keeps them in place. No matter how fast I close or re-open the drawer, they will never move!

Drawer After -

I had seen some photos on Pinterest of tension rods holding pot lids, that’s what inspired me for this quick fix!

How To Store Water Bottles -

I used a very inexpensive tension rod, you can find it here.

Tension Rod Detail

If you do not have a deep drawer like this one, you can arrange your water bottles in the back of an upper cabinet and support the tension rod on the sides of the cabinet, right in front of the bottles ~ that would work just as well!

Water Bottles and Tension Rod


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