Upholstered Stool Quick Remake

Upholstered Stool Quick Remake

Friends, for the last few weeks, I have been working on our upcoming move. We are sad to leave the San Francisco Bay Area but excited to discover new destinations!

While cleaning up the garage and getting rid of many unwanted stored items, I found this little stool (photo above) that I had recently purchased at the thrift store for only $5. And as the moving company has clearly warned me that they will not pack any paint or spray paint, I thought I might as well use some left over spray paint on this quick project and have the stool ready for the new house.

Removing the seat was a super easy task.

Reupholstering A Stool - mydearirene.comjpg_edited-1

But underneath the cambric liner, on the bottom part of the stool, there were signs of mold. Thankfully, the mold was only on the exterior layer of plywood and I took it all off easily with a chisel.

Removing Mold - mydearirene.com

I gave the stool a fresh coat of white paint and stapled a modern patterned fabric back on.

New Stool - mydearirene.com

To give this stool an extra fresh and crisp look, I added a length of piping around the border of the seat using this no-sew technique: I simply stapled it above the fabric!

Stapling Piping - mydearirene.com_edited-1


Piping Detail - mydearirene.com_edited-1

A stool is such a versatile little piece of furniture. It can go in every room of the house as it works for extra sitting, a little side table, or even to simply rest your feet…

Stool In Room - mydearirene.com

This one is perfect in the girl’s room as grey is the dominant color in this space.

Armchair And Stool - mydearirene.com

I have one more project to share from the old house … coming up soon!


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