Cute Tassels Made From Broom Bristles

Cute Tassels Made From Broom Bristles

I was cleaning up the garage yesterday and in between the craft supplies I found a bag of leftover broom bristles that I used for this project (or maybe this one?). When I was putting them away, I remember thinking that they would be great for little tassels – perfect hanging from a drawer knob.  With some beads in neutral colors and some cord, I had some darling tassels ready in no time!

Tassels Materials -

First, take a small bunch of bristles and tie a piece of cord in the center.

Tie A Knot -

Then fold the bristles in the middle.

Fold In Two -

Pass a bead through the top and stabilize it with a dot of hot glue inside the bead. The bead has to have a large opening to allow the bristles to go through.

Add A Bead - mydearirene.com_edited-1

Add a second bead, or more if you want, stabilize with more hot glue and tie a knot on the top part of the cord to create a loop.

Tassels -

I had some colored cord and I used it to make some more tassels, only this time I added strings of colorful cord within the bristles.

Colorful Tassels -

What are these tassels for? Once they were ready, I just couldn’t find enough uses for them!

Of course, tassels are always cute hanging from a drawer key or a drawer pull:

Desk - mydearirene.com_edited-2

Another idea is to embellish simple hangers:

Tassels On Hangers - mydearirene.com_edited-1

These wooden hangers with their unexpected little addition will go in the hallway coat closet, usually reserved for guests:

Hangers - mydearirene.com_edited-2

They also make an adorable adornment when wrapping a present:

Gift Adornment -

Sometimes, you really don’t need a reason to make something cute!

Five Cute Tassels -


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