Half Spring Wreath For A Full Spring Mood

Half Spring Wreath For A Full Spring  Mood

The beginning of a new season seems always like the perfect time to decorate the front door with a wreath. The one I made today had to be colorful and happy, a true spring wreath! Its shape is very different from all the wreaths I’ve bought or made in the past, as it’s actually a half wreath hanging from a thick white chain.

To make it, I used an 18 inch (48 cm) foam wreath and some artificial flowers and greenery that I already had (you may have seen some them used on a tablescape, here). With a knife, I cut the wreath in two,  but not exactly in half, so one part would be bigger than the other. For this project, I used only the bigger part. l detached the flowers from their stems and glued them onto the half wreath with the glue gun.

Cut A Foam Wreath - mydearirene.com

I stuck to only three colors, yellow, white and orange. For a greater impact, I gathered many flowers of the same type in one spot. Five or six white tulips here, a few more yellow ones there, and so on. I also repurposed the leaves that were attached to the stems and filled the gaps in between the flowers to completely hide the foam.

Arranging Flowers - mydearirene.com

To attach the chain, I first inserted one lag screw (such as this one) on each cut part of the wreath, simply by twisting it inside the foam.

Foam Wreath And Screw - mydearirene.com

I then connected the one end of the chain and the screw with a piece of wire.

Attach Chain - mydearirene.com

The plastic chain is purchased at the hardware store for a couple of dollars per foot. This one is five feet and it’s quite long because our front door is very tall.

Half Flower Wreath

Every wreath must be chosen having in mind its background. I would also love to have a wreath with purple, mauve and lavender flowers but it wouldn’t suit our front door. This yellow, orange and white wreath is perfect against the dark brown wooden door. And what do you think about that chain? There are so many types to chose from but I think that this white one is the perfect match!

Half Wreath On Front Door - mydearirene.com


Half Wreath On The Front Door do it yourself- mydearirene.com_edited-1

Leave a comment below – I’d love to know what you think of this project!


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  1. What an original idea for a wreath Angelica! And the white chain you used to hang it definitely makes a statement! Very clever!

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