How to Store Storage Baskets

How to Store Storage Baskets

Baskets are ideal for storage and organizing, everyone knows that. But baskets are also great for displaying and decorating. I use them in every room of the house and I fill them with seasonal items, fruit, food, plants and so much more. Baskets do not necessarily have a single spot in the house nor a single  purpose.  They can be switched around depending on the needs; A bread basket can also be filled with seasonal items to create a holiday display.  A round basket can be temporarily used as a cache-pot for a small plant, and it can later be converted to a fruit bowl in the kitchen, or it can hold hand towels in the half bath, and so on. I move them around all the time. it’s such an easy way to change the home décor!  I can never have enough baskets, but the reality is that I have plenty and sometimes I don’t even know where to store them until I will need one again.

That’s how this wall of baskets started: as a solution to store the baskets that were not in use all the time.

The most appropriate wall for this basket arrangement was the one in the kitchen/family room,

Kitchen Wall With Baskets -

behind the double-panel door that leads into the room.

Wall Of Baskets Behind Door -

It may be half hidden when the door opens, but even so, it surely makes a statement in the room.

Baskets Behind Door -

Whenever I need a basket, I just grab one from the wall. What looks like a well decorated wall is actually a storage space! Here is one more shot from the other side of the room.

Baskets In Family Room -

I can never pass a good basket, no matter its shape and size. Most of them were purchased long ago, but you can find similar ones almost everywhere. Some stores still carry them, others have discontinued them:

Numbered Baskets -

1. Round basket, Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores 

2. Basket, Crate & Barrel

3. Oversized handcrafted tray, 28″ diameter, now available only in a smaller size, here

4.  Rattan food dome, this one, here, is even more beautiful

5. Bamboo basket with a food tent, a similar one can be found here 

6. Rattan pedestal basket that I bought from Nordstrom Rack years ago, a similar one can be found, here 

7. Wicker tray, Williams Sonoma, no longer available,  here is a similar one

8. Baguette basket, 29″ long, Crate & Barrel 

I found a few photos from previous posts where I’ve been using the same basket in different ways and on different occasions. This oversized basket is filled here with pumpkins for fall,


but the year before it was an impressive apple decoration for the dining room.


This wicker tray was an excellent way to keep organized the many items on the kitchen countertops (at least until a few weeks ago when we had an ant invasion in the kitchen and have been keeping the countertops almost empty since then!).


but it has also been working nicely in the past years holding the Christmas presents.


The bread basket was also converted to a seasonal display over Christmas, and in the future, I’m sure that I will be using it in so many more ways other than just for bread.


All the baskets are hanging from a simple nail on the wall. The only exception is the oversized and heavy tray, in the middle, which is hanging from a twine that I passed through its center.

Wall Of Baskets Kitchen -


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