Inspirational Quote Wall Art For Valentine’s Day

Inspirational Quote Wall Art For Valentine’s Day

This do-it-yourself wall art is an easy and quick afternoon project that you will enjoy making. It makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one or a piece to decorate your home.

Wall Art On Plywood -

Pick a famous inspirational quote or just a few words of your own, anything that has a special meaning for you or your loved one.

Wall Art Inspirational Quote -

To make it, I used an inexpensive sheet of plywood ~ a piece of wood or a canvas would work just as well.

Rather than stenciling the text on the wood which would result to colored letters, I decided to do the opposite, i.e. to form the letters in the wood’s natural tone; I used letter stickers and spray painted around them. These are good quality stickers that adhere nicely on most materials and come off easily. To place them straight, I traced pencil lines on the plywood at even intervals. Once the quote was formed, I made a border around it with regular tape to create the painted background.

Wall Art Plywood -

I also covered everything outside the taped border (I used aluminum foil which stays easily in place) and sprayed a few very light coats of paint (I used Rust-Oleum paint & primer in one – Rustic Mist). When the paint was completely dry, I carefully removed all the sticker letters, the border tape and the aluminum foil to reveal the text with the painted frame around it.

The stickers came off very easily with the tip of a needle.

Wall Art Removing Stickers -

The letters turned out crisp and the paint did not bleed through, a much more cleaner result than stencil. Not to mention that it would had taken forever to stencil the letters one by one.

Letters Detail -

Last, as an extra element, I added four brass corners around the painted area.

Wall Art Adding Brass Corners -

The screws that came with the brass corners were too long for the thin plywood and extended in the back.  To cover them, I added screw nuts. I could also have used shorter wood screws.

Wall Art Back Side -

This beautiful and inspirational quote by Isabel Allende is a favorite.
Wall Art With Brass Corners -

Happy Valentine’s Day!

p.s. The blue and pink hyacinths in the vintage tureen that I planted a few days ago are doing very well!


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