DIY Cotton Napkins With A Removable Tassel

DIY Cotton Napkins With A Removable Tassel

One thought leads to another and this is how I ended up with these gorgeous dinner napkins! Over the holidays, we hosted a couple of dinner parties and I realized that I was short on napkins; I do have some white hemstitch linen napkins that are suitable for most occasions, but cotton napkins are way more convenient for semi-formal gatherings and I do not have any. So last week, while I was at the fabric store shopping for a good quality white cotton textile to make a dozen plain napkins myself, I came across fabric bolts in many different solid colors. I especially liked the soft toned ones and as spring is just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to make a few napkins in pastel colors, too! I quickly calculated: I would need about a yard and one quarter of fabric to make four napkins in one color and that would cost about $3.90 for all four. That is so inexpensive that I could also get fabric in more than one color to mix and match… I spent a good amount of time trying to get perfectly matching shades and I left the store with grey, yellow, pink and lavender fabric.

Napkins Four Colours -

A few days later, when I started working on my colorful napkins, I thought that it would be nice to add a little something to them and make them more fun. A tassel for example?  But a tassel would not be convenient at all. I wanted the napkins to be machine washable and I could see tassels coming apart after the first wash. However, if the tassels were removable, that would make things easier, right?

Napkin With Removable Tassel Detail -

So I ended up making napkins with detachable tassels! Each of my napkins has one little satin ribbon loop that I added inside one of the four corners as I was sewing them.  For every napkin, I then prepared a tassel, each with an inserted lobster clasp on the top part. The tassel attaches easily to the loop and it comes off when it’s time to wash the napkins or if I want to use them plain.

Four Dinner Napkins With Tassels -

Each napkin has its matching tassel…

Pink Dinner Napkins With Pink Tassels -

or maybe not.  The tassels can be switched around for a playful table setting.

Napkins With Tassels Pink With Grey -

The color choices are endless, there are dozens of different shades to chose from. I can even imagine patterned fabric – geometric, flower, moroccan, gingham, any of these patterns could work with a tassel. I will be using  the grey ones year round while the lighter colors are mostly suitable for spring and summer.

Yellow Purple Grey Napkins -

I can’t wait for the next dinner party to use them!

Four Plates Four Napkins -

This is one easy way to fold them, but there are many more. The tassel definitely adds interest to this napkin.

Napkin And Plate -

For themed tablescapes, there are many more little items that can be attached to the loop instead of the tassel. I will have to try!

Tassel With Spoon And Fork III - copy

The fabric is a 100% light cotton that absorbs well and washes well. Napkins always look better when they are ironed and after a few washes these will iron well, too.

Pastel Napkins With A Tassel -

Grey is definitely the color that I will be using most, so I made eight of them. As per the others, I have four in each color.

Napkin Tassels -

I did not think it was worth preparing a tutorial on how to make the napkins; if you have a little sewing experience, you can probably make them better than me.  If not, here is an easy tutorial that I just found online. It shows you how to make the corners in two different ways – mitered corners or square corners. For something that is not as formal, I think that the square corners are a lot easier and faster. Plus, it is simpler to add the loop inside a square corner. As for the tassels, here is how I made them:

One skein of pearl cotton No.5 makes four tassels.  (1) Cut a strand of floss about 12 inches long and thread a needle on one end and a lobster clasp on the other, as so:

Tassel How To I -

(2) Wrap the one end that has the clasp around the opened skein and tie two knots to secure the clasp in place.

Tassel How To II -

(3) Wrap the strand around the neck of the skein without removing the needle, about seven times

Tassel How To III - mydearirene.com_edited-2

and (4) insert the needle inside the tassel a few times to secure in place.

Tassel How To IV - mydearirene.com_edited-1

(5) Trim the tassel. 
Tassel How To V -

If you do not know how to sew but still like this idea, you can make a few tassels for the dinner napkins that you already have and just sew the loop in place by hand.

Cotton Napkins With A Cute Removable Tassel -

Materials for four napkins:

  • 1.25 yard 100% solid cotton fabric @ $4.99/yard – Joann Fabric & Craft Stores ** always use coupon**
  • DMC Pearl Cotton size 5 / $1.69 each, in assorted colors – Joann Fabric & Craft Stores
  • Satin ribbon, 3mm wide – Joann Fabric & Craft Stores
  • 15 mm lobster clasps, 10 pc pack / $2.99 – Michaels Stores


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  1. Angelica the tassels are just too adorable. And the way you have displayed the napkins on the twine, why you can make a banner out of them, they are that pretty. A perfect banner for Spring!

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