Faux Bamboo Chair Remake

Faux Bamboo Chair Remake

I just finished the remake of this faux bamboo cane chair that I got from Goodwill two months ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It now has that fresh and clean look that I was going for, and although it’s a classic and older chair, it makes the perfect sitting for a young lady’s bedroom.

Cane Chair Remake - mydearirene.com

I spent about $30 for the purchase and the entire remake of the chair, this includes the cushion, too!

Faux Bamboo Cane Chair Remake

It might be tricky to combine two older pieces of furniture that have a completely different style in one small area.  With the new desk, the space needed something joyful, and I think that this chair brightens up the room while it is the perfect match for the bed that is already there.

Bamboo Chair Details - mydearirene.com

The new desk was lacking a chair; obviously, this is not be the perfect solution for studying …

Faux Bamboo Cane Chair Back Side - mydearirene.com

and I can more easily see it as the new spot where clothes will be piling and piling in my daughter’s bedroom!

Cane Chair New With Scarf - mydearirene.com

But this is once again the type of versatile little piece of furniture that I like to have, as it can go anywhere around the house.

Cane Chair In Bedroom - mydearirene.com

The faux bamboo arms & legs as well as the caned back are two of my favorite features.

I sprayed the chair with one coat of primer (I used this one). After it dried, I took care of small wood cracks that were visible here and there by adding some wood filler,

Cane Chair Fixing II - myderirene.com

and I glued back in place a big piece of wood that was ready to come off.

Cane Chair Fixing - mydearirene.com

Last, I spray painted three coats of satin white spray paint (I used this one), being extremely generous on the cane in order to cover every single spot.

When it came to the cushion, I initially thought that it would be best to have it done professionally – after all, I have nothing more than the very basic sewing skills; The first store I visited gave me a $230 estimate with a 3-4 week delivery. As per the second upholstery store that was on my list, I found a sign on its door saying that it had closed down. I then drove straight to my local sewing supply store and purchased about a yard of grey cotton fabric and two packs of white piping.  Back home, I used the old cushion as a pattern for the new fabric. Each  new piece of grey fabric was cut about 1 inch bigger. Faux Bamboo Chair Cushion I - mydearirene.com

I then added the piping and sewed everything together.

Faux Bamboo Chair Cushion II - mydearirene.com

I repurposed the foam which was in good condition. The result might not be as perfect as if it were done by a pro and I have to admit that it was not an easy (nor a fun) task. But I did save a lot and I had it ready in one day.

Barrel Back Chair - mydearirene.com

The white piping around the cushion might be just a small detail but it sure adds a lot!


Do you have a chair in your home that could take a little remake?

Cane Chair Remake - mydearirene.com



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