The Perfect Storage Idea For Your Christmas Ornaments

The Perfect Storage Idea For Your Christmas Ornaments

I was not planning on posting any Christmas decoration storage solutions this year, but as I was putting everything away this morning, I liked this new way of storing the ornaments so much that I thought it was worth sharing.

Before the holidays I gathered about half a dozen large cardboard wine boxes and most of them came with a set of very light pulp molded partitions like the ones below. I could describe them as stackable and removable trays with many inserts, just like oversized egg crates. I thought they would offer good protection for my Christmas ornaments as each insert works as a little nest for a medium size ornament.

Each box can fit many trays.  This is the first one placed on the bottom of the box:

One Tray -

And the second one on top:

Second Tray -

A third one:

Third Tray -

And even a fourth one! That’s plenty of storage. Once the lid closes on top, the ornaments are well secured and protected from any rough handling of the box.

Fourth Tray -

I used a different box for each room and even stored them by color.  This one is all from the family room.

Storing Christmas Ornaments -

I also used the regular cardboard partitions for the larger ornaments and placed the moulded trays on top with more ornaments:

Storing Larger Christmas Ornaments -

If you ever come across wine boxes that have these new fancy inserts, you may consider using them to store your most valuable Christmas ornaments.

And just as a reminder from last year, this is a smart way to store your Christmas lights!





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