Hermes Colors Inspired Petite Blanket

Hermes Colors Inspired Petite Blanket

I found a soft chocolate brown fabric that I thought would make a cozy blanket. Although it looked like wool because of the thickness and the herringbone pattern, it’s actually a 100% cotton material, so we’ll be using it year round, even on cool summer nights. The width of the fabric was the regular 45-inch, which would be perfect for a throw but I wanted to make it a little longer than a throw, so I bought 2.2 yards of fabric which is more like the length of a small blanket.

I thought again. A bias piping around the blanket would add some interest. Inspired by the amazing color combination of the Hermès packaging boxes,


photo found on Pinterest 

I opted for a hazy orange. My blanket turned to be an elegant addition to the family room and I will inform you that too many people in this house are already requesting exclusive proprietary rights!

Blanket On A Chair

Here is a close up of the fabric. The herringbone pattern and the thicker material make it look like wool, but as I mentioned this is actually cotton.

Blanket Detail -

Here are the materials you will need to make your own:

Materials -

1- Start by washing the fabric (it was leaving too much lint on my white sofa).

2- Fold the fabric right on its end.

3- Add the bias tape.

4- Pin.

Fold -

5. Fold again, about one inch.

6. Re-place the pin just under the bias tape.

Fold Again -

7. Sew exactly under the bias piping.

Sew -

Note: Once I had pinned the bias tape around the entire blanket, I started by sewing the corners by hand. I then used the sewing machine for the rest of the blanket. It wasn’t too difficult and if the corners do not look perfect, it’s because I’m not known for my sewing skills!

Corners -

Orange and brown is a beautiful color combination and reminds me of the very chic Hermès boxes, which by the way, you can find on Etsy for a little fortune!

Little Hermes Colors Blanket -

The fabric is from Joann’s and it comes in a light grey that I also liked.  The cost (it was on sale) was less than $13 for 2.2 yards of fabric.  I also used three packages of bias tape – at $1.35 each. In total the blanket cost me about $16! I love the price, and the result!



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  1. Eskises pali me tis photos.Pou to skevtikes na syndiaseis ta Hermes kai ta xyla mesa sto kalathi? Yperoxi n kouvertoula!!!!! Mary.

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