A Decorative Pumpkin For Every Room

A Decorative Pumpkin For Every Room

It’s pumpkin season again – my favorite time of the year! Just as I do year round, I will bring a little piece of the season inside the house. It’s usually the family room that gets most of my decorative attention, since it’s where we spend a great part of the day. The pedestal table by the main entrance is also another favorite spot for seasonal décor, as it is the first welcome to guests when entering the house,  and so is the formal living room.

On most holidays, I also decorate the bedrooms with a seasonal item or two, but up to now we’ve never had anything in the bedrooms for this particular period of the year. So what a good excuse to bring a little pumpkin in each bedroom – and maybe more around the house, too?  Each pumpkin, though, must have its own personality and style that will match the room. Most are diys that I made this year, others are pumpkins that I did previous years and a couple are store bought.

In The Master Bedroom:

This crafted pumpkin is quite fancy with  thin metallic chains that run along the ridges of the squash. I affixed the chains with a tiny drop of glue (hot glue works fine) on the top and bottom part of each chain (gold metallic chain from Orchard Supply/ $0.99 per foot). This pumpkin was ready in less that 15 minutes. I found that the ideal spot for it would be my bedside table.

Pumpkin With Gold Chain - mydearirene.com

Pumpkin With Chain_edited-1


In The Boy’s Room:

In the boy’s room, I’ve really been liking the white and brown color combination of the new dresser and I’m planning on gradually adding more elements in that color scheme.  I painted this craft pumpkin with some white/gray acrylic paint, and decorated it with strips of leather lace that are stabilized with two drops of glue. How simple and modern is this? And if this pumpkin strikes you as a garlic head, I can assure you that it’s just the photo, because in real life it certainly looks like a pumpkin!

Pumpkin With Leather Lace - mydearirene.com


In The Girls Room 

In the girl’s room, I decided to place one of my “Fabric Photocopy Pumpkins” from my handmade collection, on the bedside table (an update on the Craiglist Vanity Desk that used to be here will follow soon). This is a craft pumpkin decorated with strips of paper cut from a color photocopy of a favorite fabric or piece or garment. Click here for the super easy instructions.

Fabric Photocopy Pumpkin - mydearirene.com

This particular one was made with paper photocopied from one of my daughter’s cutest summer dresses.

Pumpkin And Dress - mydearirene.com


In The Living Room: 

And as it always happens with me, I got carried away and made one more pumpkin, a quite impressive one, that found its place on the living room coffee table. This craft pumpkin has pieces of decorative nailhead trim (normally used on upholstered furniture). It’s a very simple process to attach the trim on the pumpkin. All you have to do is to cut pieces of trim  and affix them onto the pumpkin by inserting the nails  into the pre-spaced holes.  A drop or two of glue will stabilize the trim, if needed. (Brass Nailhead Trim, $21.99 for a 5-yard roll, from Joann fabric store – make sure to use a discount coupon).

Nailhead Trim Pumpkin

Close Up Nailhead Trim


By The Fireplace: 

A fresh pumpkin that was part of my impressive fall decor last year, is now a dried gourd that I will have forever. You can find many different instructions online on the best way to dry a gourd, but all I really did was to leave it out in the garden, protected from the rain for about 5-6 months (Northern California weather).  Around spring, it was completely dry, light weight, hollow and I could hear the seeds rattling when shaking it. Until recently, I would have painted or stenciled it but right now I feel that it looks better natural.

3 Impressive-Centerpiece-mydearirene-e1412992775827


Gourd After

Its weathered and natural look and the rusted tones is what makes it special. I placed it in the living room, by the fireplace next to a basket that holds fire logs. Not to mention that I will dry some more this year.

Weathered Gourd


On A Side Table: 

Small real pumpkins from the super market can be purchased for as low as $0.70 each and make a quick and inexpensive display on a side table.  Here, in the family room, just a couple along with a handful of hazelnuts, all placed in a little dish, for a fall feel, at almost no cost.

Table In Family Room

Pumpkins And Hazelnuts

For The Entryway:

Everything does not need to be diy. It’s never a bad idea to buy an out of season clearance item like this wooden pumpkin that I got from Pottery Barn a few months ago at about one fifth of its original price.  It does have a small crack on one side but this can also be considered as rustic charm. The top part is a lid that opens up and the bottom part turns into a container for candy or nuts.

Wooden Pumpkin - mydearirene.com

I placed it on the pedestal table in the entryway along with more pumpkins, natural ones and crafted ones, like these “Moss Covered Pumpkins With Twine” that I made last year – click here for the instructions.

Entryway Table - mydearirene.com

Which one did you like best?



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  1. Each one is unique and special. But I must say I was particularly impressed with the one in the girls room. Very original. Thanks for the inspiration. Fall is so magical in the States. Enjoy!

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