Two-Year Blog Anniversary & The Projects You’ve Loved The Most

Two-Year Blog Anniversary & The Projects You’ve Loved The Most

Today, this little blog of mine is celebrating its second anniversary and I thought that the best way to celebrate it would be by sharing and remembering the projects you’ve loved the most!

MOST POPULAR KNOCK-OFF: Pottery Barn Inspired Upholstered Headboard With Monogram

I’ve been inspired by many pretty things around me, but this upholstered headboard with the embroidered monogram that I made for my daughter was quite a knock-off! The transformation from a plain headboard cost only a few dollars but you would bet that that this bed came out of a catalogue and that I paid a small fortune for it. Two years later, I still get the same smile when I walk into her room. To make it, I used a grey cotton shower curtain that I already had and I embroidered the three-letter monogram myself! I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I can tell you with certainty that this project falls into the category that a beginner DIYer could easily tackle. So don’t be afraid to make a change in your bedroom if you have a dull headboard that could be transformed into something like this:


Find the tutorial, here.


MOST PINNED PROJECT: From Shoe Box To Glam Storage!

This project gets pinned almost daily on Pinterest, and for a good reason! Who would believe that behind these stylish storage boxes are hiding regular carton shoe boxes? With just some wrapping paper and glue, and with the addition of one metallic handle, they are the most inexpensive and beautiful storage boxes you could have in your office or in your closet! And I’m happy to report that after all this time, they’ve held up very well!


Find the tutorial, here:


EASIEST PROJECT EVER: Semi-Faux Yellow Forsythia Branches

There are so many easy projects that you can chose from, and most of them are under the category “Easy Afternoon Projects”. I picked this one because I know for sure that the one thing everyone wants in their home is flowers that always look fresh. These yellow forsythia branches are not totally real and are not totally fake, but they will last forever. My post includes instructions on how to put them together plus a few tips to make them look so real that even a florist would be fooled! The best part is that depending on the season you can make different kinds of flowery branches. For my summer decor, I made branches with tiny white flowers, and I’m planning on making some more for fall with orange and yellow flowers. I would recommend this project for any beginner DIYer. You will need a hot glue gun, and if you don’t own one already, you should definitely consider buying one (you can find them for as low as under $ 5.00 and you would be amazed with how many projects you would be able to make!).


Find the tutorial, here.


MOST COLORFUL PROJECT: Chic Chinoiserie Chiffonier

If you look around my home the only source of color comes from art on the walls and flowers in vases. Everything else is neutral (with the exception of the boy’s room) in white and beige tones – my favorite colors – and all the furniture is in shades of brown. I surprised even myself when I decided the remake of an old cabinet into something this colorful:Chic-Chinoiserie-Chiffonier-mydearirenecom-e1430604741508

Make sure to take a look at the “before” pictures and the step by step transformation of this old and inexpensive cabinet, here.



Whoever happens to open my refrigerator is simply amazed by this organizational method: Using some ice cube bins as washing and storage containers for fruits and vegetables has so many pros!


Make sure to read the whole post, here.


BEST RECIPE: Pumpkin Soup WithTruffle Butter

All the recipes that appear on this blog have been carefully selected and more than triple tested, so it is hard to pick one. Since fall is just around the corner, I thought that reminding you of a recipe that you can enjoy all through the holiday season would be a good idea. This pumpkin soup is one of my mother’s classic recipes and my truffle butter little addition brought it to a whole new level!


You’ll find the very easy recipe, here.


EASIEST  HOLIDAY DECOR: Pomegranate Place Cards

Over the past two years, I’ve made so many holiday projects that it is really difficult to pick one.  You’ll find many ideas for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day under the “For Your Holidays” section. But if you’re planning on hosting a formal (or even less formal) dinner anytime from fall to New Year, choose to make these pomegranates with each of your guest’s monogram as place cards for your table. They are super easy to make, practical, very beautiful and your guests can take them home, too!


Find the full post, here.


MOST GENIUS PROJECT: Ikea Lack Hack – From Coffee Table To The Perfect Bedside Table

If I can allow myself to say that I once in my life had a genius idea, this would be it. This elegant bedside table is the result of putting two Ikea Lack coffee tables together. The inspiration came after my desperate need of elevating, to the bed level, some Ikea coffee tables that we were using as nightstands in the master bedroom. The nightstands are now at perfect height and I couldn’t be more pleased with them!


Read the entire post, here.

Did you have a favorite project? I hope that over these past two years I sometime, somehow, inspired each of you to make something beautiful for your own home!


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