Mother’s Day Card On Wood

Mother’s Day Card On Wood

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and If you haven’t already  planned  something special, here is an easy, last minute card that not only you’ll enjoy making at home but that mom will surely love! It can accompany a present or it can be offered as a little gift of its own.

Just get a piece of wood from the home improvement store; you can find pre-cut pieces of wood or have a larger piece cut to a desired size. It can be as thick as you want. This one is a light-weight poplar board, 12 x 6  x  0.25 inches.

Wood - mydearirene

If the surface is a little too dark, spray a coat of white paint and let dry for 30 minutes. Apply glue stick all over the surface and on the sides. Cover with a pretty wrapping paper, just as you would wrap a present.  Make sure that no air bubbles are trapped underneath.

Wrapping The Wooden Panel - mydeaririene

Write your message to mom.

Write  A Message - mydearirene

It doesn’t have to be perfect. I just has to be YOUR handwriting!

Write A Wish - mydearirene

I chose this wrapping paper with my mother in mind. I’m sure she would love the colors and the marble pattern! There are endless wrapping papers with beautiful designs to chose from.

This is not the card that will be forgotten in a drawer. Leaned up against the wall on a nightstand or affixed to the wall with some mounting putty, this is a little piece of art with your own signature!

Card On Wood - mydearirene

If you’re a mom yourself then you already know this, but for all the “children” out there looking for a special way to celebrate Mother’s Day,  just remember that it is not about the gifts. No matter how close or far away a mother is from her child, the one thing she always needs from her children – not only on Mother’s Day, but everyday – is to know that they are happy!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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