Vase Filler Idea for Easter: Pearl Eggs

Vase Filler Idea for Easter: Pearl Eggs

I know it’s kind of last minute for those of you celebrating Easter, but I really wanted to show you my painted pearl eggs that turned out to be such a great vase filler. These are real, blown out eggs that are simply painted with craft paint in a pearl finish. Each one is quite cute on its own, but when there’re all put together, they make such a statement. I first made a few of these last year to use on my Easter table setting, and they were adorable.  This year, I painted many more and I used them all to fill a couple of glass apothecary jars. They’re very easy to make but they do require some time, as each egg needs to be blown out, and then painted with at least two coats of paint, plus drying time in between.

Pearl Eggs I - mydearirene

I set up a little assembly line using the egg cartons they came in to hold the freshly painted eggs. Each egg is painted with a flat brush, half its surface at a time,  and although the coating is not perfect and sometimes the brush strokes show, it really doesn’t matter when they’re so many together. The paint adheres better on the brown eggs, but the colors turn out a little darker. I used only white eggs this year to get beautiful pastel colors.

Painted Pearl Egs II - mydearirene

For really picky DIYers, the hole made when blowing out the egg can be filled with a drop of white 3D fabric paint and then painted over, but sometimes the layers of the craft paint will cover the hole, too.

A Drop Of 3D Fabric Paint - mydearirene

I’ve had these apothecary jars for years and I love filling them with seasonal items. But Easter has always been a challenge as the only good idea I’ve had so far was filling them with Greek Easter cookies.  I’ve always looked for something more colorful, like candy or other sugar ready-to-buy treats, but these turn out to be too expensive when filling such big containers (not to mention that they will either be thrown away, or end up in the kids’ tummies – both not such good things).

Easter Pearl Eggs Vase Filler I - mydearirene

The fact that  these eggs are not plastic adds so much to their overall look (and value!). I just can’t imagine for how much they would sell in a store, but obviously a lot more than a carton of eggs from the super market.

Pearl Eggs In Living Room - mydearirene

In the bigger jar, there are more than three dozens of eggs; that may sound like a lot, and it actually is, but I can’ think of something else that creates such a big impact at a such a low cost for an Easter vase filler.

Three Dozens Pearl Easter Eggs - mydearirene

Of course, any kind of paint  or egg dye can be used to cover Easter eggs, but this pearl paint gives them a more elegant look.

Easter Pearl Eggs- mydearirene

I will cherish these fragile, precious Easter pearl eggs for many many years! Happy Easter!


  • White eggs
  • Egg blower kit
  • Martha Stewart pearl craft paint
  • Brush
  • 3D white fabric paint (optional)


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