“My Favorite Place On Earth” Wall Art

“My Favorite Place On Earth” Wall Art

There was one last thing left that would complete the new vanity desk in my daughter’s room, and that was adding some wall art. I already had a frame that could work for this space; it’s a rectangular, modern, white frame with a mat for two inserts, that I often use for seasonal decor.

I intentionally had placed the new wall clock on the left of the vanity and had  left just enough room for the frame on the right side. But I could not find something interesting to frame.  I certainly did not want any quotes or wording of any sort since I already had the Pottery Barn inspired sentiment words on that same wall.

The idea came yesterday when I was talking with my daughter and she mentioned her favorite place to visit. I instantly thought of the frame. That would be something nice to frame, especially knowing that it would have sentimental value to her.  But the frame had two inserts, so I asked her if she had a second favorite place, and thankfully she did!

I went on Google maps, and located  her two favorite places on earth and their surrounding areas. I printed each one separately and cut them to fit the mat.

Two Maps - mydearirene

However the colors of the print-outs were a little too bright for this room, especially the blue of the sea and the quality wasn’t the best.

I decided to fade things out a little bit, so, I added some translucent paper that would bring down the sharpness of the colors. I already had one in light pink color and that would work just fine.With Translucent Paper - Mydearirene

I placed it on top of the map, and drew a heart with a gold leaf pen, directly on the translucent paper and exactly where my daughter’s favorite place on earth is.

Heart With Gold Leaf Pen - mydearirene

How easy was that? I could’ve framed anything, but I chose something that will definitely bring back a smile.

Frame With Two Maps - mydearirene


Flowers - mydearirene

This little corner of the house is perfectly well taken care of!

New Vanity Desk - mydearirene

Time to move on to some more diy in another part of the house!

Live-Your-Home-My-Dear-Irenep.s. My daughter is back home and she says the vanity desk looks even better than the photos above!

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