Colorful Easter Eggs With A Tassel

Colorful Easter Eggs With A Tassel

It wasn’t in my plans to decorate eggs for this Easter. I made plenty last year and still love them, but my aunt from Greece showed me the other day, via Skype, the ones she was working on, and she got me all inspired! Hers were styrofoam eggs decorated with vertical ribbons and tiny glass beads.  Beautiful and elegant! Mine are natural eggs with the same vertical ribbons that inspired me, plus a little tassel for fun. Colorful and playful!

Twelve Easter Eggs - mydearirene

I made about two dozens of them, all in vibrant and happy colors, and I honestly can’t pick a favorite!

Easter Eggs With Tassel - mydearirene

The little tassels show better when the eggs are hanging. I’m not sure yet if I will hang them on a branch (as seen below) or from the chandelier in the dining room as part of the the Easter lunch table decoration.

Green With Orange Easter Egg - mydearirene

You can make them, too! They’re very easy and totally inexpensive.

You’ll need blown out eggs with one hole poked on each end (top and bottom). This year, I bought  an egg blower kit and I got empty eggshells in no time, but if you don’t have one, you can follow my instructions on how to blow out an egg, here.

Paint them any color you like. For the decorative eggs, I often prefer craft paint instead of egg dye because I can get the color I want every time. Plus the extra coats of paint make these precious eggs a little more break-resistant. In addition, I find it less messy and faster to color them with a small flat paint brush. The darker the paint, the better the result will be. You can see on the photo below that the yellow ones are not coated perfectly, but that’s the beauty of handmade projects!

Colored Eggs - mydearirene

To make the tassel and the loop,  cut 5 lengths of ribbon, each about 10″ long (about 25 cm). Thread the ribbon in a long, heavy needle (mine was 3″ long or 7.5 cm) and pass the needle through the egg.

Thread Ribbon - mydearirene

Repeat with the other four pieces of ribbon. The egg holes might crack a little as the ribbons add up, but they will be completely covered later on.

Thread All Ribbons - mydearirene

Make two knots.  The one on the bottom will form the tassel and the one on the top will hide the hole. My tassels are about 3″ long (about 7.5 cm) but you can make them shorter or longer.

Make A Second Knot - mydearirene

Make a third knot to complete the loop.

Make A Third Knot - mydearirene

To add the vertical ribbons, cut 8 lengths or ribbon, each about 4″ long (8 cm). On a protected surface, apply glue stick on each ribbon, one at a time.  Place it on the egg and cut any excess ribbon.

Glue The Ribbon - mydearirene

Continue with the other three ribbons, first on the opposite and then on the sides, and then add the other four ribbons in between.  You’re done!

Easter Egg With Tassel - mydearirene

Here is a close up. The holes are perfectly well covered with the ribbon and do not show at all.

Easter Egg Close Up - mydearirene

I dare to say that it looks very professional and I honestly did not put any special effort, that’s how easy they are to make!

Easter Egg Close Up 2 - mydearirene

I like the combination of the vibrant colors mixed all together, but you can  paint yours  in pastels, or even leave them unpainted and use only a color ribbon.

Colorful Eggs - mydearirene

They will be part of my Easter décor for years and years to come! Thanks Aunt Nana for the inspiration!


  • Blown out eggs
  • Martha Stewart craft paint in satin finish – Michaels Stores
  • Yarn darner needle – Jo-Ann fabric and craft stores
  • Flat brush
  • Polyester ribbon, 1/8 in (3mm) width – Jo-Ann fabric and craft stores
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Glue stick


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  1. Once again my dear Angelica, Α Μ Α Ζ I N G !
    Bravo to you and your aunt.
    What type of color should I get here in Greece?
    Any ideas??

    • My Dear Irene, you can use acrylic paint, from Plaisio (a couple of these little eggs are already in the mail for you 🙂

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