Never Ever Throw A Broken Dish Away Again!

Never Ever Throw A Broken Dish Away Again!

As we would all do, I was just about to throw it away.  After all, this broken cake stand had been forgotten in the garage since our last move, proof of an insurance claim that had long been settled. But instead of making its way into the garbage can, it landed on my kitchen counter.

I glued the broken piece back on, and let it dry well.

Glue Caked Stand - mydearirene

I prepared a thick mixture of casting plaster and only a few drops of water (oatmeal consistency) and applied it first on the surface of the cake stand,

Applying Plaster - mydearirene

and then, underneath the surface and around the leg, working area by area and allowing each spot to dry for about 3-4 hours, until the whole cake stand was covered. At first, I applied the mixture with a foam brush, but later on I found it easier to rub it on directly with my hand (wearing a latex glove).  When it was completely dry, I scratched the surface with a knife  to remove any bumps or other pieces of hard cast that were sticking out and were not looking very nice.

Plaster All Over - mydearirene

As a final step, I prepared a very thin mixture of casting plaster and water (milk consistency) and applied it all over the surface to give it a smoother finish.

After that last part was dry, I used some light beige craft paint to cover the entire piece.

Applying Paint - mydearirene

and added some darker shades of paint here and there with a  smaller brush, especially inside the cracks that had formed.

It looks just as some weathered stone!

Stoneware Platter - mydearirene

And to think that I was sad when I found this cake stand  in two pieces! It may never hold a cake again or any kind of food whatsoever, but this pedestal dish  is now part of the home decor. Styled with similar objects, it can sit on its own or hold seasonal items, such as Easter eggs, Christmas ornaments, sea shells during the summer time, and so on.

Stoneware In Living Room - mydearirene

Objects that are alike tie the decor in a room. A stoneware carafe filled with flowers is perfect in terms of color, material and style to match this pedestal dish.

Stoneware- mydearirene

Even objects made from a totally different material, like this papier mache small cache-pot in the back that holds a succulent plant, can be a perfect match.

Stomeware And Papier Mache - mydearirene

That very same technique can be used to recycle chipped or broken items, provided that they can be glued back together, made of glass, terra cotta, ceramic and faience that would otherwise end up being thrown away.

 Materials Used:

  • Broken or chipped china.
  • Cast plaster: I already had half a bucket of this cast plaster on hand, so I started the project with it. Later on I used this one, as the first one was no longer available.
  • Satin Craft paint by Martha Stewart, in different shades: Porcelain Doll to cover the entire dish and Lake Fog, Vanilla Bean and Gray Wolf for smaller parts.
  • Latex glove
  • Mixing container
  • Brush


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