DIY One-Minute Hurricane

DIY One-Minute Hurricane

At the hardware store, I found a stand with pre-cut metallic sheets that are used as radiator covers.  There were many styles with various patterns and sizes and in a couple of different metals, too.  The best part, however, was that they had a finished end, so they were ready for use.  Their price ranged from affordable to a little expensive, depending on their size and color. Even though I don’t exactly have a radiator to cover,  I brought home this one  because I thought I could make a nice hurricane with it.

Metallic Sheet - mydearirene

Detail - mydearirene

There’s nearly no tutorial for this project, that’s how easy it is!  All I had to do was bend the metallic sheet in the form of a cylinder, match the pattern on both ends and  insert short flat screws and nuts to keep it in place. The hurricane was ready in about a minute! I actually used two nuts for each screw to completely cover their end. It helps if one holds the bent sheet in place while another inserts the screws. This is what the finished interior part looks like:

Internal Detail - mydearirene

I added a large pillar candle in the center, and with a few more items that were already in the house, I accessorized the console table in the dining room in no time.  A big and heavy glass hurricane with a metallic base, along with a couple of more fine decorative objects are now placed around the new hurricane. Even though the styles are very different (classic and fragile for the glass items and rather on the “heavy duty” side for the new hurricane), they all blend perfectly together.

Mantel With Accessories - mydearirene

Hurricane With Candle - mydearirene

When the lights are dimmed, and the candles are lit, the pattern reflects on the wall, and looks even more amazing!

Hurricane By Night - mydearirene

And since we are on the hurricane subject, are you aware of this old trick that will make a pillar candle last forever?

Tea Light - mydearirene

 I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more projects soon!


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