DIY Halloween Paper Lanterns

DIY Halloween Paper Lanterns

If anyone is looking for the spookiest street in town, that’s ours! Not because of its fancy Halloween decorations but because our neighborhood gets extremely dark and deserted at night. Most homes are secluded and behind fences/bushes (not ours), there aren’t any street lights,  and with a preserved wildlife enclosure across from our home, it’s not the preferred place for the kids to go trick or treating.

This year, I want, at the very least, to get the kids from our street to our doorstep. So I’m making some easy paper lanterns to create an illuminated path from the sidewalk to our doorway. Just like this:

Illuminated Lanterns - mydearirene

It didn’t take me more than half hour from start to finish so you have plenty of time to make some, too!

Start with a white paper bag.

White Paper Bag

Cut off the handles or remove them (my bags were not that big, and I didn’t want to lose an additional  2½ inches so I removed the handles from the inside)

Remove Handles - mydearirene

Cut off a  piece of the  paper napkin that will be your motif.

Paper Napkin - mydearirene

On a protected surface, apply a layer of Mod Podge on the good side of the napkin piece.

Apply Glue - mydearirene

Position the paper bag on a flat surface, good side down.  Slide and position the napkin, good side down, into the bag. Press gently on the napkin. It helps if someone can hold the bag down.

Napkin Into Bag - mydearirene

Remove and discard the additional layers of the napkin (mine was a two-ply napkin so I removed only one layer of tissue paper).

Remove Tissue - mydearirene

Just before the Halloween fun starts, place a FLAMELESS LED candle inside the bag and turn it on.

Add A Flameless Led Candle - mydearirene

Close the bag with Glue Dots.

Add Glue Dots - mydearirene

I purchased my LED candles from Costco for the holidays.  I’m not really a fan of anything artificial but I thought they would be nice for our  Thanksgiving and Christmas decoration; they also came in handy for this project! They range from 3 inches to 6 inches high and they’re about $25 for the pack of seven. The down side (for me): they have a vanilla scent. The best part:  they come with a remote control!

NOTE:  Do not use regular candles, votives or any other  flammable object for this project as there is a fire risk.

Flameless Led Candles

With the remote control, I can switch them on/off without opening the bag!

This evening,  I’m having a little Halloween rehearsal:

Illuminated Hallowwen Lanterns - mydearirene

The darker it gets, the better they look!

Spooky Paper Lantern By The Doorway - mydearirene

The napkin was orange so the whole lantern gets that same orange shade.

Spooky - mydearirene

For now, they will be inside the house.  I will switch them on every every evening until Halloween!

Paper Lanterns - mydearirene

Such an easy Halloween craft!


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