Taking A Lavender Sachet To A New Dimension

Taking A Lavender Sachet To A New Dimension

Who said that a lavender sachet has to be small and puffy?  Although I love the scent and I find that the pouches that lavender come in are almost always adorable,  I honestly don’t think that their size is actually very convenient.  As much as I love them on the store’s display shelf, they seem to get in the way when they’re in my drawer.  Especially the ones that have a rather round/ball shape and don’t sit well in between a pile of shirts or the freshly ironed linen. That’s all that came into my mind  when my daughter was about to buy some lavender sachets while we were shopping, not too long ago.

And with our driveway full of lavender bushes, right at the end of their season,

Driveway With Lavender - mydearirene

I thought it was time I made some lavender sachets myself!

I traced the outline of a ruler that seemed like a good size (17 x 1½ inches) on two pieces of fabric, allowing for an additional 1/4 inch seam and sewed them together, leaving an opening only on one of the small sides,

Cloth Ruler Scissors - mydearirene

I passed the dried lavender through a sieve,


and closed them tightly with a cute ribbon.

Dried Lavender And Sachets

I chose some soft white cotton fabric, not too plain, with a pretty but discreet  pattern. The weight of the fabric is light enough to let the scent escape into the drawers and fill our clothes with freshness.

Lavender Sachets - mydearirene

They can be placed in between a stack of clothes, or in the side of a drawer. With a longer ribbon, they can also be hung from a hanger. And what a beautiful present they would make for the holidays!  I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t put them to use right away!

New Lavender Sachets - mydearirene

My lavender sachets are cute, romantic and certainly not old fashioned!

Lavender Sachets And Flowers - mydearirene


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