Old Clock Facelift

Old Clock Facelift

If you don’t have at least one hanging in your house, I’m sure you ‘ll find one somewhere in your basement or maybe forgotten in the garage.  I actually have not only one, but two of them. Two identical plastic, inexpensive, green clocks that don’t look good with the rest of the decor anymore. One is hanging in the kitchen and the other has been  in a box with some of my daughter’s old books for more than two years.  I had purchased them from Target when we moved back to the USA. Apart from being absolutely necessary, they were inexpensive, too (less than $ 5 each, I think). But as it happens to most pretty things, it’s time they get a facelift!

The face of the clock is made of carton, the green border is plastic and so is the transparent cover. Before spray painting the first one,

Wall Clock Before - mydearirene

I removed the transparent plastic cover,

Removing Plastic Cover - mydearirene

moved the hour, minute and second hands into one spot and covered them completely with painter’s tape. The post-it flags that I placed around the border would help me, later on, figure out the exact place for each number.

Clock With Painter's Tape - mydearirene

Two light coats of metallic gold spray paint were just enough to cover it.

Light Spray Paint - mydearirene

I then moved the hands to the opposite side and sprayed the rest of the clock’s face and any other small spots that I had missed.

Move The Hands In The Opposite Direction - mydearirene

And it turned out just perfect! After giving it a little thought, I concluded that it would be better not to add the numbers. I liked it just the way it was. And I didn’t put back the plastic cover on top, either.

Golden Clock - mydearirene

Sleek and chic, wouldn’t you agree?

Golden Metallic Wall Clock - mydearirene

It might  go in the study or maybe in the bedroom, in between some frames and the monogrammed brass canvases (if you’ve missed the monogrammed canvases, check out this post for how to make them).

Golden Clock In Study

I spray painted the second clock in a metallic silver color.  This time, the post-it flags around the border came in handy, as I knew exactly where to place my black number stickers.

Metallic Clock - mydearirene

This one will go back onto the kitchen wall, right where it was, but looking much more modern! The numbers on this one are an absolute necessity since the younger kids use this clock all the time.

Clock In The Kitchen- mydearirene

I’m sure that somewhere in your house, you’ll also find an old clock that needs a facelift!

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