How To Embellish A Lampshade

How To Embellish A Lampshade

Remember that black lampshade that I lined with gold wrapping paper  back in the fall? Well, I still like it a lot (and so did many of you!) but, right now, it seems a little out of season. As we’re getting closer to summer, I’d rather have lighter decor and instead of a relaxing little corner, a more cheerful one. So, as the hot summer months are approaching and we’re all slipping into our more relaxed moods and attire, I decided my little corner should too! That’ s exactly why I’m changing the dark lampshade into a white one, just for the summer months. I got an inexpensive one from Target; fabric on the outside and plastic in the interior. Just perfect for adding a little embellishment in the inside!

I used a stencil (this one) that has an adhesive back, and that stays nicely in place while I ‘m applying paint. I cut my stencil in half; a smaller stencil is easier to work with on a curvy surface like a lampshade. To avoid getting paint out of the border, I used the tiniest stencil sponge that I could find.  And to remove any excess paint or bad print, I just used a cotton ball with some nail polish remover. That’s all!

Stencil - My Dear Irene

I applied the stencil starting from the seam and the bottom part of the lampshade and worked my way around. Once I  was done with the bottom row, I did the middle one, leaving about 1/2 inch space between rows, as it is impossible to match the design from one row to another because of the curvy shape. The space in between the rows actually ended up looking intentional!

When the light is off, you can hardly see the design from the outside.

Pattern In the Interior - My Dear Irene

But when it’s on, and depending on other lighting in the room, the fabric and print take on all kinds of shades, from a light beige to a light brown.

Lampshade And Decor

I like how discrete the design is.  It kind of looks like a rattan webbing, don’t you think? Why did I chose to make the pattern on the inside when I could have used the stencil on the external part of the shade? Well, as much as I like and admire pattern and bold colors when I see it in stylish houses, for my home I prefer monochromatic and not too busy patterns. It helps me make changes without having to bring down a whole room. Plus I can match more items and colors together.

Stencil Lampshade - My Dear Irene

I also changed a couple of accessories to match my happy lampshade.  The white porcelain shells are scented candles, the sea urchin jar with the lid was a gift from my sister Irene from overseas and it’s perfect for my summer decor. I needed some color, too, so I added some lemons in a woven porcelain bowl that was purchased for about $10 from Home Goods, last year. Lemons cost less than flowers and give a happy note and much needed color!

Pattern On Lampshade - My Dear Irene

By just changing a lampshade and a couple of decorative items, this everyday corner transitioned from heavy to light! This was the Fall-Winter lampshade with its matching decor:

Fall & Winter

And this is the Spring – Summer version.  Definitely more light and airy!

Spring Summer - My Dear Irene

This is exactly what the room needed (for now!). I’ll definitely be switching back to the black and gold lampshade with the first rain drops in the fall!

Live Your Home - My Dear Irene


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