Baby Spinach Salad With Sweet Cherry Tomatoes & Creamy Goat Cheese

Baby Spinach Salad With Sweet Cherry Tomatoes & Creamy Goat Cheese

Not long ago, my sister Irene was invited to a friend’s house and she was telling me how much she enjoyed this simple salad that was served for dinner: fresh and crisp baby spinach, along with sugary cherry tomatoes, topped with crumbles of moist and creamy goat cheese with the final addition of sweet and sour balsamic vinegar.

With a large bowl and no specific measuring, you can make yourself an amazing dish! Just toss all the ingredients and you’re about to enjoy the salad that you and I would definitely order at any “in” restaurant.

But even the easiest of recipes  needs some love, so:

Make sure that the cherry tomatoes are halved, no matter how small they are! That way, their juices will blend with the other ingredients and your salad will become twice as delicious.  Every single bite must contain a little of everything, so a halved  cherry tomato makes, size-wise, a tastier bite!

Don’t want to splurge on the real French chevre? No problem, but try to substitute it with a good quality mild and creamy goat cheese that retains a firm consistency. You’ll still get the tangy taste and the smooth texture.

Spring is prime time for spinach! It’s best to buy on the day it will be consumed, as each leaf must be fresh and crisp.  Baby spinach is ideal since it’s delicate and tender from the very top to the very bottom.

As for the dressing, I would just drizzle some olive oil and a thick balsamic on top.  It really takes away the hassle of whisking and using more kitchen utensils.

My sister Irene, however, prefers to put the effort and prepare a vinaigrette by whisking together olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a little honey and a little Dijon mustard.

She might be right, but I just wanted to keep things simple! I’ll prepare mine in my way today, and will do it Irene’s style next time!

Either way, it’s still a delicious, nutritious, refreshing salad.

Baby Spinach Salad Ingrdients

I am serving it today with grilled boneless and skinless juicy chicken breasts generously seasoned with just salt and pepper.

Spinach, Goat Cheese, Tomatoe Salad - My Dear Irene

Take out a large bowl, add all the ingredients, choose between Irene’s or my dressing, and enjoy!

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