Polka Dot Bowls & How To Make The Perfectly Round Dots

Polka Dot Bowls & How To Make The Perfectly Round Dots

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that polka dots are always in! You can literally add them anywhere you want, and in just minutes you have a whole new look! Whether you’re young or less young, artsy or not, polka dots are always fun. It just so happens that I have the trick to adding perfect polka dots on a plain surface. And it works every single time! I use reinforcement labels, just the regular kind that you find at the office supply store. They can stick on almost any surface and can easily be removed after their interior has been filled with paint.

I found some old white bowls in the back of the kitchen cabinet and they’re perfect to show you how to add playful dots!

Polka Dot Materials - My Dear Irene

I placed the reinforcement labels on the surface at even intervals and colored their interior space with a small brush. For these porcelain bowls, I used acrylic craft paint in a pearl finish. But be sure to use the appropriate paint for the material you’re using it on.

It’s harder to use them on a white surface because they’re transparent and you can’t see them well.  So you just have to find the specific angle where each one is more visible.

Reinforcement Label - My Dear Irene

I applied two coats of paint, allowing about thirty minutes in between the coats to set.  I removed the reinforcement labels before the second coat was totally dry, loosening around its exterior part with the tip of a very sharp knife.

And they came out beautifully dotted!

Two Plus Two Bowls - My Dear Irene

I can make polka dots on almost any surface I can think of, just by using reinforcement labels, which, by the way, are totally inexpensive.  Plastic ones are better than paper ones because they can be removed more easily and come off in one piece.

Blue Bowl And Paint - My Dear Irene

The old plain white bowls had lost their shiningness after so many years, but now they have a fresh and happy spring look!

Blue Bowl With Snack

With this technique you can give a new appearance to any old (or new) dish ware, even on a surface that isn’t flat, like these bowls.

One Bowl And Paint - My Dear IreneI will let the paint dry for about three weeks, as per the paint package instructions and then I will even be able to wash them in the dishwasher!

Polka Dot Bowl With Grapes - My Dear Irene

This is such an easy project that you’ll certainly enjoy, too!

Pink Bowl With Tip Of Brush - My Dear Irene

And it works for every single little dot!

Live Your Home! My Dear Irene

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