A Little Bag To Love

A Little Bag To Love

After I was done with my latest project and before putting my sewing machine away, I thought I’d make a little bag from some fabric scrap and leftover materials from older projects.  I’m so glad I did! Because sometimes an adorable little nothing can make your day!

So, after finishing the IKEA hack, I had some of that white and blue leftover fabric.

And maybe you remember those easy DIY mirrors that I made a couple of months ago using the larger rings of three embroidery hoops? Well,  the internal hoops have been sitting in the guest room since then, waiting to be stored.  Those were all I needed:

Fabric Scrap - My Dear Irene

Blue Plus Sign - My Dear Irene

Embroidery Hoops - My Dear Irene

Blue Equal Sign - My Dear Irene

Cute Little Bag - My Dear Irene

I just cut two rectangular pieces of fabric, each about 21 x 14 inches and then sewed first the bottom part, then the two side parts (4/5 through and I left about 1/4 opening at the top) together. Last, I inserted one hoop on each side of the bag by sewing a hem to keep it in place.  That easy!

My cute little bag can go anywhere and can hold anything: ∗ Inside the closet to hold bathing suits, or maybe socks ∗ In the laundry room as an additional laundry bag for the “to be hand washed” garments ∗ In the mud room, to store hats, scarfs etc… ∗ In the kitchen to keep the bread, and so much more!

Cute Little Bag In Garden - My Dear Irene

And in terms of sewing… nothing fancy… just a simple hem to hold the handles in place.

Bag Detail - My Dear Irene

When it comes to hanging the bag, these are some nice, big and convenient handles!

LIttle Bag In Mud Room - My Dear Irene

Sometimes the most adorable little things come from nothing!


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