No-Sew Colorful Easter Placemats!

No-Sew Colorful Easter Placemats!

I just finished these new no-sew placemats for the Easter lunch table, and guess what? You still have enough time to make them! I did all the measuring, testing, styling for you and it will take you a maximum of ten minutes to make a set of two! They’re made of white cotton duck cloth and ribbon that I glued right on it.  The best part, however, is the incorporated ribbon that ties the silverware and adds a pretty detail to an otherwise, simple placemat.

No need to have a special talent for crafts, All the materials are easy to find at a sewing supplies store:  ** grosgrain ribbon in two widths (a large one at 1 1/2 inch (3.8 cm) and a narrow one 3/8 inch (9 mm), both widths in four colors ** white 100% cotton duck cloth, also known as canvas **a glue stick ** scissors ** an eyelet plier ** eyelets size 5/32 inch (3.9 mm).


I used a sturdy placemat that I already had and drew its outline with a pencil on the back side of the duck cloth (or alternatively use a ruler to make a perfect rectangle). Mine was 18 inches (46 cm) x 13 inche (33 cm). With sharp scissors I cut the placemat. Duck cloth is easy to handle and its edges can be cut straight, so there is no need for sewing afterwards. I then turned it right side up and marked two dots for the eyelets. As plates and silverware vary in size, I would suggest that you set up a placemat with a set of plate/silverware/glass to determine the desired spot of the ribbon. Use  the pliers to make the two holes and then to add the eyelets. It’s best to practice on a small piece of the same fabric, before. Iron where needed from the back side of the placemat. Insert the narrow ribbon through the eyelets.

Cut two lengths of the large same color ribbon, about one inch longer than your placemat.  Apply glue to the back side of the ribbons and place one on the top side and one on the bottom side of the placemat, flatten and straighten it out with the palm of your hand. Carefully cut any excess ribbon from the sides of the placemat.

Four Placemats

The ribbons on the top and bottom parts of the placemat give it a finished look and hide any little imperfection from the cut fabric.  The grosgrain ribbon is perfect for this kind of project as you can cut in between the “ribs”. In addition, it’s thick enough so the glue will not show through.

Pink Detail

And here is a close-up with the incorporated ribbon through the eyelets. It’s the detail that makes this placemat so special!


It also completes the color of the upper and lower large ribbons.

Blue Placemat

And the same color ribbon is used to tie a linen napkin.

Blue Placemat With Egg Bowl

Add some Easter eggs, and it’s the most beautiful table arrangement for Easter Sunday!

Blue Detail

A white porcelain soup bowl serves as a nest for the delicate Easter eggs.  Those are blown-out eggs with a few coats of craft paint in a pearl finish and in assorted colors (how to blow out an egg an the end of this post).

Very Pink Detail

I just can’t decide which is my favorite color! Blue, yellow, green and pink  are all in perfect harmony!

Eight Colorful Placemats

The branches in the middle of the table are dried natural branches that I had spray painted white some years ago.  I tied the same narrow ribbons onto them and transformed them into a centerpiece decoration.

Blue And Yellow

All the colors and materials are nicely coordinated.  The casual white canvas placemat becomes fancy with the linen napkins and the grosgrain ribbon looses its sharpness when placed next to the pearl painted eggs. And all together, it’s a happy, colorful and fresh table arrangement. 

Setting The Easter Branch Table

The glass jars placed on the console table in the back of the dining room receive a touch of color too, with the same ribbons.

Glass Jars

These placemats can be used from early spring to the end of the summer.  Instead of decorating them with Easter eggs, consider adding shells and starfish or maybe a variety of flowers.  They can also be used for kids parties or baby showers!

Yellow Placemat

Have a wonderful Easter!

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