Free and Double the Glee!

Free and Double the Glee!

I found this chair on the curb a few days ago.  Its previous owner had left it out on the street for someone like me to pick it up.  There were two of them but the other one was way too broken and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to fix it.  The one I brought home wasn’t in a much better condition either. It must have been forgotten outdoors during the rainy weather: the bottom parts of  the three legs were covered in mud, most of its surface had a mold layer and it was old and … dirty.   But it had a beautiful shape and it was made of sturdy and heavy wood. Plus, we’re really in need of additional seating in most of the bedrooms.

Chair Before

I scrubbed it with a sponge and some warm water and mild soap. I left it out in the sun to dry completely and sanded the whole surface to remove the layer of mold.

I like to use spray paint for surfaces that aren’t completely flat.  I chose Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel in Regal Red.  I sprayed about 3 layers until it was all covered, then sanded the parts that were a little rough and spray painted again.

There was no questions as to where it would go.  The moment I saw it I knew I would paint it bright red and it would go in my son’s room.

With spray paint, every little detail that wasn’t so pretty got completely covered and our chair is now ready to get a new life!

Red Chair

It can go anywhere in the room but a very convenient spot is by the desk, as an extra chair for someone to sit whenever help with homework is needed.

Shiny Chair

This was the additional touch of color that was missing from the room. It won’t be long before my nine year old decides that red isn’t his favorite color anymore.  But even then, it will be easy enough to paint it again to any new favorite color.

Chair In The Room

The reason I like spray paint so much is that it covers every little detail so easily. 

Half Chair

I got so carried away by how beautiful and convenient my new chair is that I completely forgot the best part.  That it was completely free!

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