Vase Stenciling – An Easy Afternoon Project

Vase Stenciling – An Easy Afternoon Project

I’ve had this ceramic decorative vase for many years.  It used to be a silver shiny metallic color. My sister Irene had bought it in Romania, had packed it carefully in her suitcase, brought it to Greece (that’s where we lived at the time) and gave it to me as a Christmas present.  Since it was silver, it immediately found its place among my other Christmas decorations. When the holidays were over, I kept moving it around the house but it didn’t look good anywhere.  I thought that the problem was the silver color and since I wanted to have it in the house year round, I painted it white.  Big mistake! It totally lacked of personality so it ended up in the attic and stayed there for a couple of years. When we moved to the U.S. I decided to spray paint it a light green and it finally ended up looking like this.

Vase Before

Better, but still not nice enough.

So today I decided to revive it. I got a stencil, some craft paint and a foam brush – stenciling is so easy, you just have to  get some practice. Make sure to hold your stencil steady when applying paint and remove it quickly after covering each area.  Let the stenciled area and the stencil dry completely before re-positioning the stencil to another area.


After about an hour or two and between some cooking, my vase looked like it came out of a home decor catalog!

Vase After

There were plenty of pretty stencils to chose from but I loved this Moroccan Tile design. And if I ever get tired of this pattern, it’s going to be so easy to do another stencil on top! 

Moroccan Tile

The vase can now fit perfectly well in any room of the house, from the master bedroom, to the entryway, the guest bathroom etc. But for now, it will go in my daughter’s room – where I’m doing some small and big changes to come soon!

Stenciled Vase

 Any surface you want to stencil, too?

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