Ready, Set, Go: Magnetize and Organize!

Ready, Set, Go: Magnetize and Organize!

While I was shopping in IKEA the other day looking for a couple of things that I’ll need for a project or two which I’ m currently working on (so excited to show you!), I came across this magnetic board. Nice style, nice size, nice price. I thought it would look great on that big wall above my son’s desk. Plus it would be additional motivation for improving those organizational skills that never seem to come along.  So, as I always do when I get back home from IKEA, before even taking off  my shoes & jacket, I got a couple of nails, the hammer and I hung it.  But it looked a little too plain and more on the executive side (organization is fine and all, but an office environment was not exactly what I had in mind).

So here is what I did to  add some colorful touches and make this board a little bit more age appropriate for my nine year old.

First I spray-painted the whole outside border a bright red. You can’t really see it but the front side and the borders are all of the same magnetic silver gray material.  I covered the face of the board with newspaper and made straight edges with some painters tape around it and left only the four external sides exposed. It needed only two coats of spray paint, but it took about 24 hours to dry completely.

Spray PaintIn the meantime, I made some small toy cars magnetic by attaching small magnets with glue on the bottom part of each car.  Two little magnets side to side in the center were powerful enough to hold the car’s weight.

Glue And Magnets

How much easier can this get?

One Magnet

The magnetic board mixes so well with the art work that is on the same wall!

Wall With Magnetic Board

 I made plenty of little car-magnets to hold plenty of little notes.

All Cars

I was about to hang the board right in front of the chair, but I could totally see it being transformed into a raceway during studying.  So, I went for far right, and placed it  low enough for a nine-year-old to reach. Plus, it is well balanced on that wall!

Boy s Room

I used the same bright red spray paint that I had used a few months ago for that red frame, so it’s all matching well!


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