Basket Turned Into Wall Art

Basket Turned Into Wall Art

Remember that oversize basket that I use for decoration?  Well, with its huge size, it surely makes a statement but storing it was kind of a hassle.  I didn’t want to just leave it in the garage and get it all dusty, nor did I have enough storage space inside the new house we’re renting in San Francisco.  So, I decided to hang it! I just threaded some jute twine in the center and made a knot in the back.


I put a nail in one of the kitchen walls and hung it there. Instant decor AND storage, two in one!

One Basket

But that not-so-pretty device on its right (I honestly do not know what it is- I think it once might have been the doorbell) spoiled the whole look of it. So, I grabbed another of my many baskets, and placed it on top.  That looks so much better!

Two Baskets

But all that was a while ago.

Now that 2014 is just around the corner, I thought I’d add some fun!

I grabbed some of these red glittered styrofoam Christmas balls (I got a whole bag with more than 70 Christmas balls for $ 20 from a store closing in Burlingame back in the Fall).

Bag with Balls

I used some of them on my oversize Christmas Wreath, some around the house and the kids’ rooms. As for the rest, I picked a toothpick halfway through in each ball and stuck the other end of the toothpick into the basket, like this:

Red Balls

In the center I formed ’14’ for the new year to come, and since I had plenty more, I placed them around the basket. For the next few days, my hanging basket decor will be something even more interesting and meaningful.

Kitchen And Fourteen


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