How To Make Cards At No Cost

How To Make Cards At No Cost

I love to make the cutest and most unique cards by just using good quality paper bags that I’ve kept from my shopping. They come in handy for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, teacher notes, Thank You notes and whatever the occasion may be!  And best of all, they are totally free!

From this Pottery Barn Kids shopping bag that I’ve had for a while, I made a cute card perfect for a child (and not only).  This particular bag has an inside dotted printed pattern  that will make a special card.  After cutting out a rectangle out of the bag, I straightened the sides (It helps to have a paper cutter for perfectly straight edges), I then folded it in half with a bone folder (a  bone folder is also nice to have for crisp folds). To make the outside of the card a little more interesting and more personalized, I glued the recipient’s monogram. To make the monogram, I printed the letter of my choice, traced  it onto dotted paper, and then cut it out and glued the dotted side up on the front of the card.

Pottery Barn Kid BagPB Card






To tie around my gift, I found this blue and white piece of ribbon.  Actually, I think this was the original handle of the bag which I had kept into my ribbon jar.  Isn’t this an adorable way of presenting your gift?

Wrapped PB

This next card is made from a Crate and Barrel bag from this year’s shopping.  I cut out two identical houses (one was in the front and the other in the back of the bag). From the logo, I also cut some parts of the letters “r” and “t”  to make the spine of my card.  I used as much red paper as needed and glued one part in and the other out of the card to hold the two houses together and to allow the card to open.

Crate And Barrel Bag

CB Card
CB Card Open









I wrapped the gift around a piece of ribbon in red and green to match my card. This card is definitely one for Christmas and is suitable for all ages.

Wrapped CB

From this shopping bag I made two cards, a simple square one and a round one (from tracing around a tomato sauce can).  The round one can be slipped on the neck of a bottle of wine.
Barcelino BagB Cards





The ribbon is again from the handle of the bag.  This card looks like real leather.

Wrapped B

Last, from this shopping bag, I cut out a bird which I then glued on some carton to make the card a little more solid. There are more birds on this bag so I think I’ll make more cards in the future.

Birds Bag

Bird Card






Again, I used the handle of the bag to wrap my gift and card.

Wrapped Bird

The possibilities are endless and each shopping bag is another inspiration.

Each of these cards is unique, and with just a few sweet words, they become even more special!


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