No-Sew Place Mats …

No-Sew Place Mats …

…and my Thanksgiving table is ready!  It didn’t take long at all to make these easy, no-sew place mats! All I needed were a couple of Burlap Garland rolls from the craft store, and scissors. I got the exact look I was going for: earthy colors and primitive materials for this harvest celebration, or for any other occasion you can think of!  Take a look at how easy it is to make them.

I cut three, 19 inch long  (48 cm) strips of burlap and placed them on my table horizontally (1).

Then I cut four, 16 inch long (40 cm) strips of burlap garland and weaved them through the horizontal strips (2),

Placemat Number OnePlacemat number two

I continued by placing the other  vertical strips (3).  To make all four sides straight, I cut off any excess garland with scissors (4).

Placemat number threePlacemat Number Four

Here is one ready (5) and look how beautiful it looks now that my Thanksgiving table is set! (6).

Placemat Number Five

Placemat Number Six

I glued the first one I made, where vertical and horizontal strips meet, but then I thought that I could easily use the burlap for other projects in the future, and decided to just place them on my table without gluing them.  Plus, I’m sure I’ll try another table setting next Thanksgiving! But, if you want to make them more stable, just place a drop or two of fabric glue on a few spots on the areas the fabrics overlap.

No-Sew Placements

Placemat With Twine

Five Placemats

Ready For Thanksgiving Meal

Happy Thanksgiving!

Smart Tip:  Save yourself stress and time! Set your holiday table many days in advance and cover it with a light plastic cover to keep dust away (you can find many kinds of plastic sold by the yard at the hardware store that you can cut to the size of your dining table (actually bigger so it can wrap around the top part of your table) or you can even attach together a few opened plastic covers from the dry cleaners).  This way, you’ll have one less thing to do on Thanksgiving!

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