Colorful Pencils

Colorful Pencils

Is it this beautiful California weather that makes me feel that winter is so far away?  Or maybe the fact that yesterday I walked into my local Pottery Barn store that was all set up and ready to be photographed with their Spring 2014 collection (I should had taken pictures!)?  

Now that I should be getting my kitchen to smell of spices and nuts, and my house to be warmed up by the fireplace, and my Thanksgiving table setting all figured out, I decide to take out tissue paper in the most pastel tones and begin a project that any girl from age 5 to 95 would love!

Here is how I made them:  I spray painted pencils in white to hide any logo and writing (skip this step if your pencils are plain). Then I cut a piece of tissue paper 2 inches wide (about 5 cm) and as long as my pencil + 2 1/2 inches  ( + about 6 cm) for the fringe.  With sharp scissors, I cut narrow bands 2 1/2 inches long forming the fringe, I applied Mod Podge on the rest of the tissue paper (not the fringe), placed the pencil on one end and rolled it carefully along the paper.  They need to dry for about one hour.

Wrap The Pencil

Great idea for a party favor, a craft project for boys and girls or even for  a little present for your colleague at work!

Love The Happy Colors

Tied with a pretty ribbon, they make a cute little gift.  I think I’m going to ship some to my 10 year old niece and keep some for my daughter, too!

Tie Them With A Ribbon

p.s. Maybe this was just a break from the Thanksgiving and Christmas projects I am working on.  More to come soon…!

p.p.s I don’t have a fireplace.

p.p.p.s Actually I have two fake fireplaces.


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