Polka Dot Pumpkins

Polka Dot Pumpkins

Are you ready for Halloween? If yes, great, because for me, it’s still a process.  Why? Well, for someone from out of the country, Halloween in the USA is  a total, absolute, unimaginable, unique experience.  I have to admit that it took me some to time to get used to some (very) scary outdoor decor, but when it comes to pumpkin carving and trick or treating, I’m totally in! So, because my one and only Halloween storage box (that sits in the garage) is of a small-medium size, I realized that I’d better get to work.  Soon enough, I came up with these illuminated Polka Dot Pumpkins, which I hope you’ll like!

All I needed for this project was:

  •  An artificial Carvable Pumpkin (I got mine at Joann’s – They’re quite pricey, but most of the the time 50% off, and I’ll have them forever)
  •  A drill with a 11/32 nut driver (used for tightening nuts)
  •  Sandpaper (100 medium)
  • Orange crayon
  • 7 ft (2.13 m) string of  35 miniature lights, amber color

Artificial Pumpkin


All You Need!

First I drilled holes trying to stay in a straight line around the pumpkin.  The nut driver is the only drill accessory that will give you a perfectly round hole.   I drilled the holes all around the pumpkin at even intervals, no need to measure exactly. But the holes had rough edges and the white pumpkin “flesh” reminded me more of Swiss Cheese. So, I rolled a small piece of sand paper, placed it into each hole and softened the edges by twisting it softly.  With an orange crayon I lightly colored the inside border of each hole making the color difference less noticeable.

Rough Edges


Smooth Edges

Last, I placed a string of miniature lights though the bottom opening of the pumpkin.  I made two Polka Dot Pumpkins and arranged a few natural mini pumpkins around them on a console table. Ready!

Pumpkins on a Table


Polka Dot Pumpkins

I can’t wait till tonight to light them up again!

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