A Magnolia Story

A Magnolia Story

Two days ago, as I was getting into my car from the super market, I noticed a small branch of magnolia lying by the car door. Any other normal person would have just left it there, or most probably not even noticed it, but I picked it up, and even looked around to make sure nobody saw me (great, now everyone knows!).  I brought it home, put it in a vase, and kept moving it around as it really didn’t look good anywhere. But I loved the leaves, shiny green on one side, brown and rough on the other and couldn’t bring myself to give up.  Anyway, it was left there,  a lonely branch in a vase.


Today, I was getting the house ready for my high school best friend’s visit.  She’s coming tomorrow and will stay with us for the weekend with her wonderful husband and daughter!  So, in order to prepare, a little touch here, a little cooking there and lonely magnolia vase in the middle.  And then, it hit me! I grabbed my garden scissors, went out to my backyard, and look what I came back with!

From The Backyard

In just a few minutes, I had gathered enough flowers and plants to possibly create three wonderful, refreshing and colorful masterpieces for three different parts of the house!

(1) Eager to use my magnolia, a fall color combination was first! That magnolia branch is somewhere in there, and definitely not lonely anymore.

Fall Colors

(2) An elegant center piece for my living room table made with only three branches that were found behind a bush and are now placed into a long vase:

Simple & Elegant

(3) And finally, the last bloom of the season from my hydrangea. A warm welcome touch in the guest bathroom for our visitors and my very best friend, soon to come!


It’s hard to believe that so much came from just a magnolia branch laying by the edge of the road!

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