Salmon in a Packet

Salmon in a Packet

Fresh wild salmon is still available and will be for a few more weeks.  So, if you’re looking for a new recipe to try, now is the time! I love this recipe because  (a) my house doesn’t smell like fish afterwards and (b) I don’t have to scrub a pan clean! I like a generous portion of salmon served with asparagus on the side.


  • 2 pounds (about one kg) fresh wild salmon, divided into four portions
  • 1 large diced tomato
  • 4 tablespoons heavy cream
  • minced dill
  • Chopped chives
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 4 aluminum foil pieces cut into, 12 x 12 inches squares (about 30 x 30 cm)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (or 190 degrees C).  Prepare the Salmon Packets:  In a large baking dish,  lay open the four aluminum squares – shiny side facing down-  and add a serving of salmon in each. Divide diced tomato on top of each salmon packet, add one tablespoon heavy cream and minced dill on top.  Close the packets carefully by folding aluminum foil.  Bake for about 45 minutes.  Turn oven to broil, take dish out of the oven, open the packets carefully, replace dish in oven and let broil for 5 more minutes. Serve immediately with sprinkled chives.

Prepare Your Salmon Packets

*Close the packets carefully so as to avoid spilling any liquids and to keep your dish clean!

Closed Packets

Salmon in a Packet

All done and ready to serve! How delicious!


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