Autumn, Welcome!

Autumn, Welcome!

Yesterday was the first day of Fall.

To me, fall has a very special meaning.  Although January 1st is the official first day of the year, in my mind fall has always symbolized the end of one period and the beginning of another.

As a kid, it was the time to go back to school (in many parts of Europe school still doesn’t start until mid September), the time of giving up the relaxed summer days and eventually the time to start studying for the good grades (I will not say how good they were…or were not!)

Years later, at work, and after a 3 week vacation, fall would always find me with my batteries recharged, ready for another year at the office.

And of course, fall is the start of a period with shorter days and darker nights that will last many months, until next Spring.

But most importantly, with the first raindrops, came our home’s major re-shape – both as a child, and in my own home now that I’m married. The bare wood and mosaic floors are covered with heavy rugs and flokati rugs.  The light summer decor disappears to give place to candlesticks, trays, frames and other items all in hand-polished silver (don’t get me wrong – my ancestors are not descendants of the Buckingham Palace; it’s just that silver is so very affordable in Greece!)  The comfy blankets appear from the closets all nice and fluffy to cover our beds.  The window treatments come down only to be cleaned and hung up again, smelling fresh and clean at the move of a light breeze. And the house is cleaned from top to bottom, ready for the celebrations that would follow: the many Name Days, Christmas, New Year, and later on, when we moved to the USA,  Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Now there might not be enough time for major clean ups this year, but this autumn, just like all the others is for me the beginning of many new things.

And for you, I know it is too.  So, I wish you success in every new beginning of yours.

Happy Autumn!

Fall Wreath

P.S.  Pottery Barn Wreath, 62 inches diameter, purchased last February in Connecticut at $14.99, clearance from $149.00.  How lucky was I on that day?? Sometimes (and only a few, very few times) shopping is even more affordable than DIY!  Now hanging on my front door, signaling officially the Autumn Season Opening.

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